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A New Energy Alert for February 6 is Ready for You!

A new energy alert, "Completing the Transition...We Are Finally
At the Turning Point" has just been posted on the What's Up On
Planet Earth? web site. Find out:

Some manifestations of the rapidly changing energies;
Why we are near the end of the transition;
Why miracles and surprises are unfolding daily;
and my miracle re-union with Phil.

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For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from The Ascension Primer:


BECAUSE THE ASCENSION process creates so much loss, we
can at times feel very disconnected. Our sense of security can
really go through the ringer. Through this process we lose
friends, family members, jobs, our old (ego) identity, our old
source of financial support, our old homes, and on and on.
The list can seem endless at times. And even those whom we
considered our closest soul mates can end up with "another
assignment" or perhaps no longer match our new vibration
anymore and leave our space as well.

We can easily become confused, lost, fearful, disoriented, and
feel as though our barometer has gone awry. But there is one
way to really stay on track when all else fails. When it is time
to make a change, (and in these times we are making changes
every five minutes as we are "morphing" so fast!) we become
discontented with where we are. Our work, our living
situations or even perhaps our entire lives no longer feel good.
This is the nudge that is guiding us to make a change. And the
way to guide yourself through this change is to do what makes
you feel good. It's that simple.

If something no longer feels good to you and is not working for
you anymore, discontinue it as soon as you are comfortable
doing so. It is no longer working because you are no longer in
that space. Something new is waiting for you. If we were to
stay in the old space out of mental rationalization, the new
opportunities and manifestations could not find us. If there is
something you always wanted to do but didn't think it made
sense to do, do it anyway. If you do not know what to do, then
fill as much of your day with things that make you feel great
and the new will arrive on its' own. Always, always put yourself
first. Follow your heart. Make time for you and the universe will
get the picture.

In this way we are always connected. When the denser and
darker energies are leaving it can feel uncomfortable at times.
But if you can find ways to stay in the higher vibrations and
higher realms through what makes you feel good, you will
greatly assist yourself in staying in alignment. Certain things
feel good to us because we are supposed to be involved with
them. And even when you find the good feeling things, you
will always need to "tweak" them on a regular basis until they
are in their purest form (i.e. new publishers or ways to get out
your writing, higher ways to present your music and art, etc.).
We will need to tweak things until we are at the point where
we are only wearing our one hat...not spending any of our time
consumed with other responsibilities.

This is one of the reasons why the ascension process places us
in a space where we can become disenchanted with life. We
are only supposed to be in our passion and in the energies that
light us up. Stay in these as much as possible. We are
becoming the pure gold nugget of our true selves and this does
not include being the accountant, sales rep, e-mail sorter, or
planner (unless that is your passion, of course). It was
intended for us to be our purest vibration of our contribution
and our creativity. And this is where we are headed.

I have days where I do not feel like writing, even though I
absolutely love it. On these days I paint furniture, sew, or
simply spend the day in nature. These are my other passions.
And I can and need to do this, even if I should be writing. I
have had to learn that nothing will go awry or fall apart if I
take a time out for me. Actually, it is just the reverse. If we
are doing what we love because we think we have to in order
to make money, it will not work. We have to know that we will
be provided for. Our mindset is very important here. Financial
support does not need to come from any kind of supply and
receive situation. When our usual passion ceases to be fun and
bring us joy, it is either time to tweak it or to shift gears and do
things only for the fun of them while we allow everything else
to fall into place. I am frequently asked to do radio interviews,
but unless I feel like they will just be fun with no agenda (like
book selling), I will not do them. (I rarely do them...I would
rather be out in nature!) And this applies to promoting as well.
If you stay in your creativity and bliss, everything will come to
you on its' own.

Am I suggesting that you go sit on a rock and wait for
everything to fall into your lap? Of course not. This is a
process and it involves trial and error while we are learning
these very New ways."

May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light
your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are
all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!

For book excerpts, more information, or to order these books and
Staying In Alignment,The Ascension Primer,Remembering Your Soul
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