Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Killed Christine Maggiore?

I got the devastating news yesterday that my very good friend Christine Maggiore died at home on December 27th, from a bout of bilateral bronchial pneumonia, that afflicted her in recent weeks, and which she was unable to overcome.

The news has been shattering to all who loved her around the world. Speaking for myself, I can say that Christine Maggiore was one of the strongest, most ethical, compassionate, intelligent, brave, funny, and decent human beings I have ever had the honor to know. I spoke to her in great depth about all aspects of life, death, love, and this battle we both found ourselves mired in, and I will be writing about her and about those conversations here, in the future. No matter what she was going through, and it was always, frankly, sheer hell–every day of her life, since 2005, she faced, acute grief, sadistic persecution, wild injustice, relentless battle, and deep betrayal–she was always there for her friends, and she never descended to human ugliness. She always tried to take the high road. She always tried to be stronger than any human being could ever be asked to be. I feared for her life, always. I feared the battle would kill her, as I have felt it could kill me, if I couldn’t find enough beauty to offset the malevolence. This is a deeply occult battle, and Christine got caught in its darkest shadows.


Aids: An Iatrogenic Depopulation Strategy?

It is hard to make sense of the numerous contradictions in the official explanation of what causes Aids and how to best fight the scourge. But then - the confusion may be fully intentional. Aids as a strategy and cover for de-population would make perfect sense. It is race specific, its victims are the poor and socially deviant, and if we believe the press, the whole population of the African continent is at grave risk. A high percentage of those treated eventually do die. What they die of is the hard question that must be asked.

Aids testing, prevention and treatment are promoted by the medical/pharmaceutical world and by the mainstream press as essential counter-measures. Yet both Aids testing and treatment target certain racial and social groups and the populations of developing countries, especially if they are located on the African continent.

The interpretation of test results is largely arbitrary. Prevention consists of giving both mother and child a highly toxic shot of medicine, and treatment - more often than not - seals the fate of the victim. Treatment leads to a more or less certain death. All that is promised is that the death will be slowed by "life extending" drugs.

What makes me think of a deliberate strategy with regards to Aids and the confusion that surrounds it, is the point-blank refusal of the reigning pharmaceutical/medical establishment to even address those contradictions, to discuss in an open way with those who point out that something's not right. Perhaps I am too suspicious, but it seems to me that so much bungling cannot be the result of mere inadequacy.


See also:

Cognitive dissonance: a human condition
Here Henry Bauer, author of a book titled "The Origin, Persistance and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory" and author of an excellent blog that looks behind the news on Aids, details how it is impossible for scientists steeped in AIDS orthodoxy to even consider that there might be alternative explanations for what they are looking at. The lie has become so pervasive it is nigh impossible to even make someone look at it to see.

Video: Denying AIDS: The HIV Industry, Political Denialism, and Mass Genocide
Denying AIDS means to to rethink what we have all been told about HIV, about AIDS and about Africa. Mass hysteria in the world media outlets about African AIDS on a daily basis would drive a person into rage when noticing how hyped up estimates and statistics are and how Scientists feed the market for Antiretrovirals. Denying AIDS means to replace Toxic drug regimens with medications for the same classic diseases running rampant in Africa, the need for food, shelter, clean water and better sanitary conditions. Denying AIDS does not mean to deny diseases - every country has had them. Denying AIDS means to let go of the phoney construct the HIV Industry invented.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud"

Stefan Lanka

Stefan Lanka Ph.D. studied Virology at the University of Koblenz, Germany.

Treatment Recommendations


Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist, is internationally mostly known as an "AIDS dissident" (and maybe "gentechnology dissident") who has been questioning the very existence of "HIV" since 1994. In the past years, however, he stumbled over a breathtaking fact: Not even ONE of the (medically relevant) viruses has ever been isolated; there is no proof of their existence. Actually, Dr. Lanka has already stated three years ago, in the almost "legendary" Zenger´s interview: "So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses -- as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all." So he was thoroughly reading the literature on those "other viruses" again, and after he could still not find any paper which would provide the evidence, he encouraged people not to BELIEVE him but to ask the institutes and authorities themselves. This has actually taken place, mostly initiated by mothers. The responses were revealing. In September 2001 the German book "Impfen - Völkermord im dritten Jahrtausend?" (Vaccination - Genocide in the third millennium?) by Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld was published in which they state that there is still no proof of any (medically relevant) virus.

Help me Change America

I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's a movement of citizens
inspired by the presidential campaign who are now submitting ideas for
how they think the Obama Administration should change America. It's
called "Ideas for Change in America."

One idea is titled: Take a new look at the cause of AIDS. I thought you
might be interested in getting involved and recommend you check it out.
You can read more and vote for the idea by clicking the following link:


The top 10 ideas are going to be presented to the Obama Administration
on Inauguration Day and will be supported by a national lobbying
campaign run by Change.org, MySpace, and more than a dozen leading
nonprofits after the Inauguration. So each idea has a real chance at
becoming policy.

I look forward to hearing what you think,


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cheney Admits To War Crimes Because His Pardon Is Already In His Christmas Stocking. Please Speak Out For Lumps Of Coal.

Speak Out Against The Planned Bush Blanket Pardons BEFORE They Can


Pay no attention to the handful of Christmas pardons granted by Bush.
This is mere political window dressing to distract from the bumper
crop of blanket absolutions, including one for himself, scheduled to
be released just before midnight on Jan 19th. Cheney would not so
arrogantly be bragging on TV about how he authorized torture if it
were not so.

But there is a resolution in Congress, H.Res. 1531, preemptively
condemning any such move if we can just get enough members of
Congress to sponsor it (already 10 so far). Many of you have
submitted a action page on this already. Please do it again,
especially if your representative did not hear you the first time.

Action Page To Stop The Bush Pardons:

Each action page you submit is another lump of coal in Cheney's
stocking. Some have speculated on the possibility of post
inauguration impeachment, especially considering the fact that many
insiders are waiting until then to spill the beans. Maybe they don't
want to get bumped off in asuspicious plane crash like Mike Connell.
But a self pardon at the very last minute would certainly be grounds
for some kind of action, perhaps even impeachment, if and only if
Congress would react and take action immediately.

So we will still continue to distribute the impeachment message items
until the very last minute as well. If you did not get one of the
original navy blue "IMPEACH CHENEY?" caps, which was the original
"question" hat, we still have some of those which you can get from
the return page of the action page above. And of course we have the
orange "IMPEACH BOTH!!!" caps (the "answer" hat). If you wear one and
a friend wears the other that is especially effective. Or you can
request a copy of the Impeachment Play DVD, either from that same
return page, or here is the link directly for all three.

Impeachment Caps and DVDs:

In any case we need to get ready to raise a renewed hue and cry when
the expected happens on January 19th. How hard could it be to get
members of Congress to simply raise their hand and declare that a
presidential self pardon, let alone pardon of his criminal
co-conspirators, is maybe not such a good idea? If we are to draw the
line anywhere, this is where is must be drawn.

And let us look forward to the day when we will have real
representatives in Washington, for a change, because we never stopped
speaking out.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

70 Percent of People will Torture Others if Ordered


Monday, December 22, 2008 by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
Key concepts: Authority, Torture and Hypnosis

(NaturalNews) The Milgram experiments from the early 1960's are classic (but shocking) studies that demonstrated the "sheeple-ness" of people everywhere. In the experiments -- which have been replicated numerous times across multiple cultures, races and age ranges -- subjects willingly engaged in administering extremely painful electric shocks to other human beings for no reason other than the fact they were ordered to do so by an apparent authority figure.

These studies have long demonstrated the "do what I'm told" mentality of approximately 70 percent of the population. Only 30 percent of the study subjects refused to torture fellow human beings when so ordered.

Now, this famous study has been replicated at Santa Clara University in California. It's important to understand that in none of these studies were humans actually being tortured or given electric shocks, but the study subjects believed they were administering such torture because the apparent recipients of the electric shocks were actors who screamed in pain to coincide with the apparent delivery of the electric shocks.

The true "subjects" of the study were actually the people recruited to administer the electric shocks. But as is common in many psychological experiments, they were told they were simply taking part in the study of the other person (the person being shocked), and they had to administer electric shocks to that person if they answered questions incorrectly. Meanwhile, the study "enforcer" (one of the true researchers running the whole thing) would command the administration of such electric shocks at increasingly painful levels, starting at low voltage and increasing the voltage well beyond 150 volts (which can be lethal).

The real reason why most people are willing to do whatever they're told

What's amazing about these experiments is the astonishing willingness of people to deliver shocks above 150 volts to victims who are writhing in pain, screaming and begging for them to stop. Using nothing more than the application of verbal authority, these study subjects continued to torture and apparently cause great pain and suffering to another human being.

For many years, psychologists speculated the original studies must have somehow been flawed. Humans beings couldn't be so cruel and gullible, could they? But now this repeating of the study immediately clobbers any debate on the subject and forces us all to confront the terrible reality: Most human beings of all ages, races, religions, cultural upbringings and professions will actively torture, harm and even kill fellow human beings if ordered to do so.

Why is this important to understand? Because it explains the sheeple effect that's so dominant in society today. Why do consumers obey apparent authorities so blindly? Why do they do what they're told even when it goes against all common sense and their own ethics?

You might hear many scientists offer a conventional explanation for this phenomenon, where they're talking about the power and leverage of authority symbols (such as the study researcher wearing a white lab coat) or the transmission of implied authority through voice commands and body language, but I have a different explanation for what we're seeing here.

My explanation is far simpler: Modern society trains human beings to be mind slaves, not independent thinkers.

You were raised to be a mind slave

Think about it: From the very first day you go to kindergarten, you're punished for getting out of line (literally), talking out of place, expressing your own ideas or refusing to follow commands. This psychological brow-beating goes on for thirteen years, and it's enforced by most parents, counselors and other authority figures.

In fact, the primary point of school is not to teach children things that are really true (American history, for example, is a laughable collection of outrageous lies and distortions), but rather to create an obedient mind slave that can function in society. By the time the average child graduates from high school, they may not know how to read or write, but they sure know how to do what they're told.

For many, this continues through college and graduate school. Medical schools, for example, are advanced brainwashing institutions where independent thinkers are rejected from the system long before they can practice medicine.

Only the arts or the theoretical sciences encourage free thinking, and that's why you'll find the most free-minded people in areas like theoretical physics, fine arts, dance, music, poetry and so on. (There are exceptions in every area, of course. I'm just talking about general trends.)

The delusional behavior surrounding holidays

The cultural madness surrounding holidays is a perfect example of brainwashing en masse. On command, people all across America will obey their commercial masters and go Christmas shopping. They'll put up Christmas lights and props and trees. And a few days later, they'll take them all down again. Ten months later, the same yards that used to host symbols of Jesus, angels and religious symbols will be replaced with images of bloody skeletons, vampires, decapitated human bodies and supernatural spirits.

Apparently nobody thinks this is strange other than myself and a few other free thinkers. I watch may neighbors with amazement as they cart off the bloody vampire props, store them away in their garages, and light up their yards with angels and Biblical scenes. These people have no idea they are totally brainwashed into following a system of commercial exploitation called "holidays."

You name the holiday, and there's a whole different system of commercially-motivated brainwashing behind it: Easter, Valentine's day, Fourth of July, New Year's Day, etc. On each holiday, the people obediently buy what they're told, drink what they're told, put up the props in their yards that they're told, and even run around knocking on doors begging for candy because that's what they're told to do.

It's utterly amazing to observe. I'm not saying we can't celebrate the Christmas holiday for what it really stands for, or spend quality time with family, or bless each other in whatever religious tradition we hold true. Those are all legitimate times of gathering, or celebration, or giving thanks. What I'm talking about is the commercial massploitation of the sheeple and how willingly people go along with the whole thing of spending money and decorating their yards with the appropriate symbols that merely serve as signs that demand other people get in line and follow suit.

I seriously considered putting up Halloween decorations this Christmas, because my neighbors erected a carnival of flashing lights and motorized reindeer so obnoxious that, in my mind, it was just begging to be contrasted with a scene of decapitated human bodies and bloody zombies taken from somebody's stored Halloween props. But I couldn't bring myself to actually BUY any of that stuff, and I figured the whole message would be wasted on the mindless neighbors anyway. But I reserve the right to try this next year! In fact, I'd love to see somebody do this and post a video of it on YouTube.

Seriously, folks: Why is it okay to have symbols of dead bodies and supernatural spirits in your yard on October 31st but not December 31st? Free thinkers don't have to follow the commercial calendar, didn't you know? We can put holiday props in our yards whenever we want, and they don't have to match YOUR holiday expectations.

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. Had a very shiny... decapitated head? I'll bet 99% of the people on the 'net don't even know where Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer came from. He was invented by the Macy's department store as a clever story designed to sell more stuff! Every time we sing that song, it's like singing a commercial. Let's all go Christmas caroling and sing TV commercial jingles, shall we?

Truly, holiday behavior reveals the best examples of insanity in modern society. And it's all happening right in front of your (shiny?) nose, oblivious to the common man (and woman).

Are you a free thinker, or an "obedient worker?"

The Milgram experiments merely prove that America's brainwashing education system is very, very good at producing what George Carlin called obedient workers. These obedient workers do what they're told, pay their taxes and will even follow orders that make no sense -- like Bush and Obama urging people to go out and spend more money in order to "help the economy."

It's senseless advice for a nation where the savings rate is already zero, but the 70 percent who are obedient workers also turn out to be obedient spenders and consumers.

Needless to say, NaturalNews is only read by the 30 percent who would walk out of the Milgram experiment. We are the independent, free-minded thinkers who evaluate each situation on its own merits, paying no special attention to the mad ramblings of apparent authority figures. In fact, the typical NaturalNews reader would blatantly refuse to administer electric shocks to another human being in any experiment. Unless, of course, the recipients of those electric shocks happened to be drug company CEOs, but that's a different experiment altogether. (That's also a joke. I don't condone the use of violence against fellow human beings; even criminals.)

The upshot of all this is one, important realization: About 70 percent of the people around you are dangerously obedient to even the most insane directives given by apparent authority figures. And if properly motivated, they would even torture YOU as long as they were told to do so.

To invoke the philosophy of The Matrix, about 70 percent of the people are still plugged in to the system, and until their minds are freed, they are potentially a danger to the 30 percent who can actually think for themselves. A good rule of thumb is to never be caught with too many 70-percenters around you. Hang with the 30-percenters.

Most people greatly overestimate their mental independence

There's another fascinating element to all this: Virtually everyone thinks they would never administer the electric shocks if they took part in the Milgram experiments. But when faced with the aggressive verbal demands of the researcher, they give in and punch the shock button anyway.

Just like most authority figures in modern society, the study researchers use clever psychological tactics to try to convince people they have to push the button. They'll claim that if they don't cooperate, the study will be ruined, or thousands of dollars will be lost, or the apparent "patient" will be somehow harmed by not receiving the proper correction stimulus. The researchers use every verbal tactic they can think of.

It's a lot like President Bush standing at a podium and talking about yellow cake uranium, or issuing a "terr" threat, or using all kinds of verbal scare tactics that are completely fictitious. The point is not to inform you but rather to alter your behavior so you do what they want. Not coincidentally, about 70 percent of the American people were also strongly in favor of the War on Iraq following the 9/11 attacks.

I can't wait to read the haters and flamers post negative comments to this story, because what they're actually doing is demonstrating the depth of the brainwashing they have embraced as 70-percenters. People who are brainwashed into obeying orders will aggressively defend the very system that brainwashed them. Any person threatening to think for themselves gets slammed, criticized or verbally abused in much the same way that the Milgram experimenters verbally abused the study subjects to cajole them into obeying.

Authority is all in your head

The relevant point in all this is to realize that the whole scheme of authority in the modern world is artificially constructed. Authority exists only in your mind, not in the real world. For example, when people drive on the roads, they're afraid to cross the yellow lines (or white lines). Why? Because in their minds, the lines represent borders that cannot be crossed due to the fear of being reprimanded by authority. This is true even when crossing the lines makes sense!

You see this behavior all the time in modern society. At Costco, people just wait at the exit for some lame worker to check their receipt and mark it with a pen. People actually line up like cattle even after they paid for their stuff! I just walk out the door with the stuff I paid for, utterly ignoring the silly "receipt checkers" who keep screaming "Sir! Sir! Sir!" What I've learned is that after three or four screams, they just shut up and go back to the line of sheeple. Just slap on a pair of headphones, crank up your iPod and walk right out of the store, folks. Why are you giving up your Constitutional rights and submitting yourself to illegal search and seizure for a cart full of stuff you just paid for? (Moooooo!)

Same thing at Wal-Mart. If your bags set off the security device, don't be an idiot and actually stop and let them search your bags like you're some kind of criminal! And yet more than 90% of the people will do exactly that! (More Moooooo!)

Just keep walking. You didn't steal your stuff, did you? Then what are you stopping for? The fact that the security alert sounds off is Wal-Mart's problem, not your problem. You have nothing to do with their security glitches. Just pretend you're deaf and couldn't hear the thing anyway. If they accost you, use lots of sign language that emphasizes the use of the middle finger.

Behavioral psychologist Pavlov proved that he could make a dog drool by ringing a bell. Wal-Mart has proven that you can make a human being stop and turn around by sounding a similar bell at the exit door. Amazing!

You'll also find that most people tend to walk on the official pathways when they enter or leave buildings. They don't take the shortest path; they take the "official" path, which may be much longer.

And don't get me started talking about television commercials. There's a great example of highly-effective brainwashing that nobody even seems to notice. People who watch TV will swear up and down that the commercials don't affect them at all, and then they'll go to the store and buy exactly the same brand names advertised to them on television.

It's downright hilarious.

It's not hilarious that they're brainwashed. That's just sad. What's hilarious is that people have been brainwashed into thinking they're NOT brainwashed even while they are! "The terrorists hate freedom," we're told, which implies that we're all free. Oh really? Then why do all my neighbors do exactly the same thing on every holiday? Why are they as predictable as a line of puppets strung up to the same control device?

The Milgram experiments simply prove that the vast majority of people are really sheeple who will do what they're told, even with zero awareness of being influenced.

So if you're a true free thinker, consider yourself fortunate: You're already in the top 30 percent of all the people in the country.

By the way, standard IQ tests don't take into account anything resembling real-world intelligent that would involve thinking for yourself. A person can have an IQ of 170 and still be a total robot zombie that does exactly what they're told by anyone with sufficient authority status.

I'd rather hang with a high school dropout who has some real-world street smarts than an over-educated yes man who's little more than a puppet for the mind controllers.

People live their entire lives in a state of perpetual hypnosis

By the way, as a side note, every time we run a story on NaturalNews about hypnosis, we get a few pieces of hate mail from people who claim hypnosis is evil and based on some sort of occult witchcraft.

What they don't realize is that the very beliefs they are demonstrating in their emails to us are perfect examples of hypnosis! (The belief that "hypnosis is evil," for example, is a hypnotically-induced belief usually programmed into somebody by an authority figure in a competing belief system that sees hypnosis as a threat to their own authority.)

Most people walk through their whole lives hypnotized and rarely, if ever, snap out of it long enough to think for themselves. The Milgram experiments demonstrate a very effective form of command hypnosis, by the way, which has been proven again and again to work on 70 percent of the population.

Most people are running around hypnotized most of the time. And some of them are medicated at the same time, which makes for a rather psychotic combination: Medicated and hypnotized!

Needless to say (but I'm gonna say it anyway), typically the most easily hypnotized people end up finding career paths in law enforcement, the military or government jobs where following orders is readily accepted. Again, there are exceptions to this (in fact, we've got some awesome NaturalNews readers in the military stationed in Iraq right now), but generally speaking, the easily-brainwashed seek professions that are compatible with doing what you're told while disengaging your brain.

I don't know why people tend to get so uptight about this topic, by the way. I'm just telling you the way it is, and I'm not sugar-coating it. The majority of the people are actually sheeple in disguise. And that means the majority of the U.S. voters are, in fact, the very same people who would be willing to torture a fellow human being if ordered to do so!

Now you know why watching politicians seems to hurt so much.

By the way, I've authored a book that teaches you how to stop being a commercially-exploited mind slave and protect your mind from the seduction of consumerism. It's called Spam Filters for Your Brain and you can get it here: http://www.truthpublishing.com/spamfilt...

If you value the freedom of your own mind, you'll love this book. It's strictly for the 30-percenters who can think for themselves.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Organic Food Cooperative Terrorists or "Are You Prepared for Antibiotics?"

The Robert Scott Bell Blog

Organic Food Cooperative Terrorists or "Are You Prepared for Antibiotics?"

Posted: 20 Dec 2008 06:44 PM CST

Radio broadcast on Sunday, December 21, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EST: Has it come down to this? Our imperial federal and state governments believe that you need their permission to grow and distribute organic foods. Am I making this up? I wish.

An organic food cooperative in Ohio got raided by the Department of Agriculture because a bureaucrat claims to have bough some organic eggs. He should have been pelted with them. What's the real crime? Simply that the nice people who run the Manna Storehouse are proud of the fact that they are outside the purview of government. That made a bureaucrat mad.

If you are proud that you do not shop at Wal-Mart, the ghost of Sam Walton will not send a SWAT team into your home. Offend a welfare recipient from the Department of Agriculture? Put on your body armor.

The real danger is "government" - which will always be in the hands of humans subject to the seven deadly sins. When will both the "left" and the "right" finally understand that their ideology is no match for the beast. Why do you think we were warned to bind government down by the chains of the Constitution?

The Robert Scott Bell Show cherishes the principles that strengthen our understanding and practical application of freedom and healing. Where other talk shows leave off, the Robert Scott Bell Show is just getting started. Listen to the voice of health freedom and liberty for perspective this week Sunday, December 21, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EST. Just turn on your radio or internet stream at the appropriate time.

Hour One: Organic Food Cooperatives Declared Enemy of the State? -- Can you sell organic food without a license? Granting government a monopoly over the food supply is a dangerous thing if you care about nutrition. Licensure laws have done more to stifle liberty than just about all else that government does. The government not only authorizes counterfeiting money (see the Federal Reserve Act of 1913), but it also protects Big Agribusiness (counterfeit food) from competition from small organic family farmers. How did caring for your family become a privilege licensed by the state? Are we free men or chattel? The plight of the Stowers in Ohio is the plight of all endangered freedom-loving Americans who remain behind to unplug from nutritional tyranny. Please welcome Buckeye Institute 1851 Center of Constitutional Law Director Maurice Thompson as we discuss whether the constitution even exists anymore. The Buckeye Institute is suing Ohio on behalf of the Stowers. Get your organic food quick, before everyone needs a license! While you're at it, get your GTF Chromium before it's banned as a new diabetes drug! Chris Barr drops by with an update. Thanks for tuning in where there's more healing in two hours than most shows have in a whole year! Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Two: Are You Prepared for Infection? -- Have I got an antibiotic story to tell you! Ever heard of cellulitis? I know it all too well and my story may save you from dangerous infections. What do you do if your doctor prescribes an antibiotic? For the first time ever, I will tell you what you can do WHILE you are on the drug to protect your health before it's too late. Please welcome Dr. Steve Hines back to the program to discuss how to protect yourself from doctors and the drugs that they prescribe. What do you do when there is nowhere to turn but allopathic medicine and allopathic medicine is not there? As the government prepares to nationalize industry after industry, how much longer will it be until "health" care is rationed? Will it be illegal to seek care outside of those licensed by government to dispense? Is it already? Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal, only on the united States of health talk radio. Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

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1) Organic Food Terrorists and 2) Are You Prepared for Infection? on Talk Radio Network from 1 PM to 3 PM EST, Sunday, December 21, 2008.

The Robert Scott Bell Radio Program is here to empower you with healing principles every week! Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Economic and yes, even Political Healing! Every week on Talk Radio Network. The power to heal is yours...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

There Is No Such Thing as the West Nile Virus

Sunday, November 09, 2008 by: Rami Nagel, citizen journalist
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Key concepts: West Nile, Disease and West Nile virus

(NaturalNews) Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause? Are they real people flying around performing magical deeds? Hopefully you don't believe this. Yes, they are fun stories, "something to believe in," when you are a child; or possibly they are spirits or energy forms. But they do not exist in flesh and blood. This article explains how in same way, West Nile Virus is also a fairy tale that "authorities" want you to believe in. It is not more real than the Easter Bunny. Feel into this truth:

There is no such thing as the West Nile Virus!

Pesticide manufacturers, pharmaceutical giants, the U.S. government, industry scientists, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State and County government agencies believe in their own fairy tales. But they find those children's stories too boring and too happy. They wanted something dark and sinister. So they rewrote the fairytale and thought of some scary name that evokes fear of the unknown: "West Nile Virus". Then, rather than good people who give children presents and good feelings, this West Nile Virus is a mean and ugly monster. It kills people, it's contagious, and they want you to think that you should be very afraid of it. They want you to be so afraid of it that you will vote for your local governmental agency to go ahead and spray chemicals on you (and some mosquitoes) to stop it. But you know what? Just like the Easter Bunny and all the others, it just doesn't exist. Let me explain.

There was once a real scientist who didn't work for the pharmaceutical mafia. This was a long time ago, around 1890. His name was Robert Koch, and he was a German physician. Dr. Koch and bacteriologist Friedrich Loeffler had this crazy idea that in order to prove that diseases are caused by a virus, it should be possible to isolate the virus organism, and then use that isolated organism to create a disease in another otherwise healthy animal (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch's_postulates). When people are sick you might see in an unhealthy person's blood, colonies of bacteria or other strange cellular formations. The existence of microorganisms in the body of a sick person does not indicate that the bacteria are the cause of disease. The idea that germs invade the body and cause disease was coined by Louis Pasteur. Even during Pasteur's time there was strong scientific evidence against this "germ theory" of disease because germs can evolve and mutate based on their environment, this is called pleomorphism (www.rawpaleodiet.org/pleomorphism-1.html) .

Dr. Koch's common sense postulates, which set up the criteria to prove the existence of a virus, used to be a part of science. As technology improved science should have been able to conclusively prove the existence of viruses under Koch's postulates and at least isolate and locate a virus under a microscope. But scientists never have been able to do this. Nobody could isolate any viruses to prove that they exist. Rather than admit that perhaps infectious viruses do not exist, dubious scientists now thought of a better plan. They decided to pretend viruses exist. To do that they had to claim the virus find fits into Koch's accepted postulates. So they write and use the term "isolated" for a virus even when they have done no such thing.

The idea of a virus causing disease was purposely spread as a disinformation strategy and now everybody believes in it.

West Nile Virus is not the only virus to never have been truly isolated. HIV, the virus believed to cause AIDS, also does not exist. This is explained in detail at (www.virusmyth.com) , neither does anything called a virus in reality exist. Bacteria and fungi present in diseased states do exist, but viruses that cause disease do not exist. The claim that there are viruses that cause disease is a fairy tale, like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause.

To "isolate" West Nile Virus (WNV), scientists begin by pulverizing believed-to-be "infected" mosquitoes and "infected" crows' brains. Then this material is run through a high speed centrifuge, and filtered through a filter whose pores are six times larger than what the size of the virus could be -- so anything could, in addition to the purported virus, be left in this mixture. If this mixture of all kinds of stuff is placed in a petri dish and kills cells -- which it did -- then it is assumed that the cell death was caused by the dreaded West Nile Virus. Don't mind that there's a bunch of other stuff in the mixture and no virus, the virus is still blamed for causing the cell death. "Scientists" then take this same material and look for RNA sequences. When they find a sequence, they claim to have mapped out the virus (davidcrowe.ca/SciHealthEnv/alive-wnv.html) .

In fact, they have mapped something, but it's not likely a virus. They probably mapped part of a mosquito brain. You might think that this article is a joke, especially with my bit of sarcasm; this is not a joke. The only joke, if you will, is to call these crude experiments proof of a virus. But it is also very serious, because it is this bogus science that the health mafia wants you to believe in. And when you believe it then they create false emergencies in order to spray poison on you, your spouse, your pets, or your children. In other cases, they try to coerce people into getting injected with poisonous substances laced with heavy metals to stop some supposed virus. You know this one well; they call it vaccination.

Let's take this a step further and examine the work of a German virologist and molecular biologist, Dr. Stephan Lanka. As a university student Dr. Lanka started researching virology and made some startling discoveries. At first he had some doubts about what he discovered, but over time he realized the blatant truth. In his words (probably translated from German): "viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all." As for all those photos of supposed viruses, he describes what people are really seeing. The pictures of viruses for influenza, herpes, HIV, measles, hepatitis B, smallpox and other diseases are not pictures of viruses, but pictures of cells with typical particles or other cellular material. In his words, "it must be said that these photos are an attempt of fraud committed by the researchers and medical scientists involved, as far as they assert that these structures are viruses or even isolated viruses." This fact led me to the stunning realization that I have been sharing with you. I know it might be hard to believe, but it's true -- there is no such thing as the West Nile Virus! You can see the photos of claimed to be viruses for yourself at (www.neue-medizin.com/lanka2.htm) .

Viruses can supposedly infect other tissues and organisms because they can pass through cells. The proof of an infectious virus like West Nile rides on the existence of some entity that can enter into and damage a cell, then replicate itself and exit that cell in order to pass the infection to the surrounding cells. Now, there is such a thing as a virus, but true viruses are far different creatures than the ones we have been taught to fear; they are found in very simple organisms like algae. In more evolved life forms, like animals and humans, cells contain bacteria called Mitochondria; but these things cannot leave the cell. Viruses can leave cells. In any case where viruses have been proven to exist like in algae, they don't cause disease; they always turn out to be a helpful and supportive part of the ecosystem of the organism. Dr. Lanka states: "Actually in diseases, neither in the diseased organism nor in a body fluid, one has never seen or isolated a structure which one could characterize as a virus. The allegation of the existence of any disease-inducing virus is a transparent fraud, a deadly lie with dramatic consequences". In other words, there cannot be such a thing as a West Nile Virus. It is a deadly lie (www.klein-klein-aktion.de/contents/Bird...) .

The term virus comes from the Latin word for poison or venom, which is probably related to the Sanskrit word visha, meaning toxin or poison (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plural_of_virus) . What the modern pseudo scientists are calling a virus is most likely the reaction of the body to a poison or poisons.

The theory of West Nile Virus is that mosquitoes drink the blood of sick birds, and then pass it along to humans. We hear about how birds or people test positive for the West Nile Virus. But how are they testing positive for the virus since there is no virus? Different tests which are claimed to indicate the presence of West Nile Virus are not testing for a virus. Rather these tests indicate that some antibodies are present in the blood which are indicators of environmental poisoning more than anything else.

Even with positive tests for the claimed West Nile Virus (WNV) -

1) The vast majority who have a positive WNV test have no symptoms. (A clear sign that that test doesn't tell you too much.)

2) A smaller percentage who have a positive test have had mild symptoms, such as a rash, diarrhea, or fatigue. (Never mind that these symptoms can be from other things, it is assumed a virus caused them.)

3) Less than 1% who have a positive test have Encephalitis, an acute inflammation in the brain.

To protect us from this supposed hazard, the government believes it needs to spray insecticide to kill either adult mosquitoes or mosquito larva. The problem is not necessarily the spraying of insecticide, but that the insecticide is sprayed in neighborhoods on people's homes. Without consent, mosquito fogging is equivalent to dumping toxic chemicals on your property, a violation of State, Federal, and International laws, including the Nuremberg Code. Spraying poisons on your body, or such that you will inhale them, is a physical and violating trespass of your space.

Even if mosquitoes had West Nile Virus (which they don't) some of the nation's leading health experts, like Professor Samuel Epstein of the University of Illinois School of Public Health, believe wide spread mosquito spraying is a really bad idea. Dr. Epstein along with several other leading scientists wrote a report against mosquito fogging. The reason is due to "friendly fire." Spraying large clouds of chemicals in the air not only kills mosquitoes, it also kills the mosquitoes' natural predators, and exposes children, pregnant women, people who are chemically sensitive, those with allergies or asthma, and everyone else unnecessarily to some very dangerous chemicals. The mosquitoes then come back much quicker than the natural predators, such as ladybugs, that feed on them. Thereafter they reproduce, uninhibited, in even greater numbers which of course justifies more mosquito spraying. You can read the science report where experts call for the cessation of mosquito spraying at: (www.beyondpesticides.org/mosquito/docum...) .

Single exposures to pesticides (like those used in fogging) can trigger chronic fatigue, allergies, and a loss of libido. Long-term exposure to pesticides can cause birth defects, infertility, genetic damage, cancer and many other health problems. Of course the report also outlines safe and sane approaches to controlling mosquitoes -- which don't carry viruses anyways -- without exposing humans to known-to-be-dangerous chemicals. When there are safe and natural methods for controlling mosquitoes, why expose people to dangerous chemicals?

Both aerial and ground based mosquito control chemicals (Anvil, Evergreen, Pyrenone) usually contain a known hormonal disruptor and cancer-causing agent: piperonyl butoxide. They also contain pyrethrins, which can interfere with nerves and brain function, harm animals, environment. Pyrethrins don't degrade immediately but linger in the environment for weeks or longer.

More Mosquitoes = Less West Nile Virus

Those areas where there are clusters of dead birds found are not areas that are dense in mosquito populations. For example, how many mosquitoes have you noticed in densely packed urban areas close to freeways? About none. Meanwhile, I live in the forest, and there are millions of mosquitoes up here. I get bitten all the time. If there were really diseased mosquitoes carrying WNV, you would think they would come out of the forest. After all it is called West Nile Virus implying that it came from deep in the jungles near the Nile river. If mosquitoes were carriers there would be a correlation between higher mosquito populations and more WNV. But there just isn't. People don't like mosquitoes in general, but they are here to stay -- all trillion trillion of them. We cannot get rid of all insect life with poisons in an attempt to stop a fairy tale virus.

The real danger involved in WNV is not the faux virus; it's all the chemicals we are exposed to. For example, DEET causes neurological illness very similar to the disease claimed to be WNV, especially in children. And vector control agencies usually encourage the use of it (www.pesticide.org/DEET.pdf) . It is quite possible that many supposed cases of WNV are actually poisoning from the DEET that is meant to stop infection from the WNV that doesn't exist.

Dubious Sources For One Common Mosquito Chemical

The label of Pyrenone 25-5, which is sprayed in neighborhoods here in California, states it is "Public Health Insecticide." The label implies that poisoning people will improve "public health" (www.fightthebite.net/download/labels/PY...) . Pyrenone 25-5 is made by the now infamous Bayer Pharmaceutical Giant, which was originally part of I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben made chemicals for the Holocaust and used slave labor. Dr. Otto Bayer was I.G. Farben's research director and worked with Americans to develop chemical weapons (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IG_Farben) . Bayer, in the mid 1980's, had a hemophiliac medication, mostly given to children, pulled from the U.S. market because patients were dying from it. The medication turned up positive for AIDS virus tests and must have been tainted with something, since like WNV there is no such thing as the AIDS virus. Bayer then knowingly took those tainted doses and, while the FDA turned a blind eye, sent millions of dollars worth to Europe, Latin American, and Asian Countries (www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS3mhjt7TrY) .

Mosquito Control, Or Population Control?

In California, where they are using Bayer's Pyrenone 25-5, many of the mosquito control districts have an alarming logo. The logo shows a triangle, usually with the tip pointed downward, indicating population reduction, with images of people and a mosquito. Why are people on the logo of mosquito control districts? Are people now considered "pests" to be controlled, along with the mosquitoes and rats on the logo? Population control is not an American phenomenon, by the way.

Take a look at this population control propaganda image from India, which encourages parents to have only one child. The logo states "One Is Fun" (www.knowledgedrivenrevolution.com/Artic...) .

Now look at the similar images from these mosquito control sources (not all mosquito control districts use this logo, but several do). The images are a bit tiny, but you can still see the similarities.

* Picture of Santa Clara County Logo -- (www.sccgov.org/SCC/docs/Vector%20Contro...)/images/134768logo.gif)

* Jackson County Vector Control -- (www.jacksoncountyvectorcontrol.org) (logo on the top left)

Orange County Vector Control -- (www.ocvcd.org) (logo on top left)

Society for vector control -- (www.sove.org) (logo is on the bottom right of the page)

The website for the promotion of WNV fogging has a logo with people on it and is called the "I'm One" Program, which sounds very similar to "One Is Fun." What does "I'm One" have to do with mosquito fogging?? And why is there a mosquito in red and a human in red? Red usually is the color of a target (www.mosquito.org/im_one/about_im_one.asp) .

West Nile Virus Is Really Caused By Pollution

Researchers Jim West and David Crowe have been working tirelessly to expose the WNV fraud. Mr. West has researched other so-called viruses, and documented the true cause of polio. Polio also is not caused by a virus but by industrial pollution, most famously by DDT poisoning. DDT mainly came from cows eating pesticide-laden foods, which then showed up in high concentrations in milk and ice cream products. Mr. West believes WNV is not a virus but a "cellular response to environmental poisoning." Mr. West bases his research upon West Nile virus case recordings. When one is poisoned, certain things in the body change; for example, there are changes to blood serum and genes. And the test for WNV is not testing for a virus, but is actually measuring indications of bodily responses to environmental stress.

Mosquito control departments track the prevalence of WNV primarily by collecting dead birds. In most cases, the bird is tested for the presence of disease using the inaccurate WNV test. If the test turns out positive, then the assumption is automatically made that the bird must have died from WNV and not something else. This is the same as examining a dead body and stating that the person died of the cold virus because there were some antibodies in his blood. Never mind that he was 96 years old and didn't have a cold when he died; the belief is that a virus did it! Millions of birds die everyday, and some of them test positive in the researcher's lab. That does not mean they died from a virus, though. Coincidentally, of the 16 people who supposedly die from WNV in California every year, many or all of them already have compromised immune systems. Many of the people who supposedly die from WNV are elderly.

Rather than the virus being the culprit of bird deaths, there is another more plausible explanation. Mr. West writes, "Traditionally, bird behavior has served as an indicator of environmental quality. Birds are truly 'miner's canaries' -- reliable air assay tests" (www.geocities.com/noxot/wnvDBcty.htm) . The canary, which is more sensitive than humans to the presence of air pollutants, goes into the mine with the miner. If it gets sick or dies the miner knows he needs to leave the mine. So in all these counties indentifying sick birds, the dead birds could be an indication of the health of the environment, and not necessarily how much of the West Nile fairy tale virus there is.

Think about polluted ocean water. If ocean water has a bunch of sewage dumped into it, there might be a warning sign on the beach that states that the water has a high bacterial count. But the bacterial count is secondary to the fact that the sewage just got dumped into the ocean. The bacteria did not cause the ocean to be toxic -- the sewage did! In the same way, the prevalence of some type of positive test claimed to be WNV is akin to the bacteria in the ocean. WNV is the result, and not the cause, of a polluted ecosystem.

In other countries where there were epidemics of bird deaths, the deaths have been linked to poisoning and not to a virus. In one case, "scientists" initially claimed it was a virus. Upon careful investigation it was found that the epidemic was caused by birds eating agricultural seeds coated with poison (pesticide) (www.geocities.com/noxot/wnvDBcty.htm) .

In observing data from 62 counties in New York, Mr. West found that counties with poor air quality had a high incidence of positive WNV test results. Again, the positive test result has little or no correlation to the existence of WNV virus because... there is no such thing as WNV. In places with good air quality, there are little or no incidences of WNV positive test results. Mr. West also correlated the prevalence of WNV with the prevalence of MTBE in gasoline. It is highly likely that WNV positive test results are caused by the poisoning of birds from pollution -- primarily from cars or factories. Gasoline exhaust is a pollutant, whether or not it contains MTBE. (Remember, if someone turns their car on in a garage and keeps the doors closed, it could kill them.)

That WNV positive results are a result of environmental pollution is further backed up by evidence in Santa Clara County, near where I live. Birds claimed to have died from WNV are clustered next to freeways and some industry. The areas where they are found are clogged with cars and are geographically low lying, meaning they generally don't have good breezes. The densest pockets of WNV bird finds are often next to major highways, as can be seen in the map at this link: (www.sccgov.org/SCC/docs/Vector%20Contro...)/images/Map%20for%20Mosquito%20Search.jpg) .

Sick birds are the result of environmental pollution. Birds dying from illness (and not old age) should be a sign that something is wrong with our environment, not that some evil virus has caught hold and is killing all of them. Given that pollution and pesticides make birds sick, what would make the problem of dead birds worse? That's right, spraying more poison in the air -- i.e., mosquito fogging.

Let's not continue fooling ourselves with tales of a fake disease made to sound like a scary and dangerous plague from Africa -- West Nile Virus. Let's point our fingers at a real cause of disease: environmental pollution caused by our modern lifestyle. And let's look for a real cure: cleaning up the pollution, not spraying more chemicals.

Now's a good time to look for ways to change the way we live, and to open up to the infinite possibilities for the end of destructive and deadly behaviors (such as spraying dangerous chemicals on people without their consent). Below you'll find some California state laws that prohibit mosquito spraying. It is highly likely that similar laws exist in your state to protect the people from harmful sprays. Why is the government violating its own laws and tenets? And who is continuing to allow this to happen? Spraying under false pretenses constitutes public fraud and endangerment as well. I understand that federal law prohibits making false representations regarding claims about the safety of pesticides. The pesticides used in mosquito fogging are not safe. Take action to stop them in your area! Create a local action group or join one, and contact your local city and state public representatives. Get angry, get frustrated, get mad and let the world know, that you will not allow your community to be exposed to chemicals to protect against diseases that are not real. Remember, the government is supposed to protect your health, not try to poison you. Let "authorities" who are promoting lies and propaganda about viruses know your opinion on this and forward this article to as many people as possible. Please send a copy to your local vector control department (poison spraying department); your mayor, and your city, state and federal representatives. See what they say.

And don't forget:

There is no such thing as the West Nile Virus!

Learn more at about WNV at:

* An excellent WNV Report: OVERKILL - (www.meepi.org/wnv/overkillma.htm)

* Ten Lies About WNV - (www.pesticidefreezone.org/top_10_lies.htm)

* Beyond Pesticides - (www.beyondpesticides.org)

* Links to Several WNV articles - (davidcrowe.ca/SciHealthEnv/index.php)

* WNV a manufactured crisis - (www.eastbaypesticidealert.org/West%20Ni...)

* West Nile/air pollution - (www.geocities.com/noxot)

Related links:

* Polio/Pesticides - (www.westonaprice.org/envtoxins/pesticid...)

* SARS/air pollution - (www.westonaprice.org/envtoxins/sarsepid...)

The following California Penal Code can be viewed at: (www.californiaskywatch.com)

374.3. (a) It is unlawful to dump or cause to be dumped any waste matter in or upon any public or private highway or road, including any portion of the right-of-way thereof, or in or upon any private property into or upon which the public is admitted by easement or license, or upon any private property without the consent of the owner, or in or upon any public park or other public property other than property designated or set aside for that purpose by the governing board or body having charge of that property.

375. (a) It shall be unlawful to throw, drop, pour, deposit, release, discharge or expose, or to attempt to throw, drop, pour, deposit, release, discharge or expose in, upon or about any theater, restaurant, place of business, place of amusement or any place of public assemblage, any liquid, gaseous or solid substance or matter of any kind which is injurious to person or property, or is nauseous, sickening, irritating or offensive to any of the senses.

(b) It shall be unlawful to manufacture or prepare, or to possess any liquid, gaseous, or solid substance or matter of any kind which is injurious to person or property, or is nauseous, sickening, irritating or offensive, to any of the senses with intent to throw, drop, pour, deposit, release, discharge or expose the same in, upon or about any theater, restaurant, place of business, place of amusement, or any other place of public assemblage.

(c) Any person violating any of the provisions hereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than three months and not more than one year, or by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars ($500) and not more than two thousand dollars ($2,000), or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(d) Any person who, in violating any of the provisions of subdivision (a), willfully employs or uses any liquid, gaseous or solid substance which may produce serious illness or permanent injury through being vaporized or otherwise dispersed in the air or who, in violating any of the provisions of subdivision (a), willfully employs or uses any tear gas, mustard gas or any of the combinations or compounds thereof, or willfully employs or uses acid or explosives, shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top Scientists Ask Medical Journal Science To Retract Original AIDS Papers

The Robert Scott Bell Blog

Top Scientists Ask Medical Journal Science To Retract Original AIDS Papers

Posted: 09 Dec 2008 09:54 AM CST

SAN FRANCISCO (Rethinking AIDS) Dec. 9, 2008--The international nonprofit scientific organization Rethinking AIDS gave its full support today to 37 senior researchers, medical doctors and legal professionals who are requesting that the medical journal Science withdraw four seminal papers on HIV authored by Dr. Robert Gallo--papers widely touted as proof that HIV is the "probable cause of AIDS." An online posting of the letter can be found here [http://rethinkingaids.com/Content/QA/tabid/146/Default.aspx].
"With new findings that undermine the scientific integrity and veracity of Gallo's four papers, the entire basis of the theory that HIV causes AIDS may now be questioned," says Rethinking AIDS president David Crowe.

The letter to the journal comes at a time when the microbiology world is abuzz about Gallo's omission from the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of HIV, contrary to an international agreement that the two teams should share credit. French scientists Drs. Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barré-Sinoussi are instead to be given the award, a decision that also implicitly questions the scientific integrity of Gallo's claim of the discovery. Montagnier, however, admitted on camera [http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/hiv/dtinterviewlm.htm] more than a decade ago that his experiments did not purify any virus.

The four papers were originally published on May 4, 1984, a few days after a press conference by Gallo announcing he had discovered the "probable cause of AIDS." Now, a British investigative journalist has shown that Gallo's claim was based on last-minute alterations to documents that make false claims about the results of his lab work and research experiments. The letter to Science sent by the 37 experts on Monday, Dec. 1, 2008, includes a copy of Gallo's handwritten changes to the article, a letter from an electron microscopy expert indicating that Gallo's samples did not contain any virus, and a letter from Gallo to a researcher verifying that HIV could not be purified directly from human materials.

The investigative conclusion prompting the letter to Science was made by journalist Janine Roberts, author of Fear of the Invisible, a book that examines the origin of several disease theories. "I was shocked when I read the original draft of the key scientific paper now widely cited as proving HIV causes AIDS," says Roberts. "Gallo's handwritten last-minute changes had reversed what the scientists in his lab had originally concluded. This demonstrates a stunning disregard for the scientific process and a very disturbing breach of public trust."

It is clear that the seminal research published on HIV contained unjustified claims and alterations. In 1993, governmental investigators determined Gallo had so poorly recorded his key and much-cited experiment that it was impossible to repeat and verify it.

In the early 1990s, several highly critical reports on the research underlying Gallo's papers were produced as a result of governmental inquiries working under the supervision of scientists nominated by the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine. The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concluded that the lead paper of the four was "fraught with false and erroneous statements" and that the "ORI believes that the careless and unacceptable keeping of research records . . . reflects irresponsible laboratory management that has permanently impaired the ability to retrace the important steps taken." Further, a Congressional Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations produced a staff report on the papers, containing scathing criticisms of their integrity.

Rethinking AIDS [
www.rethinkingaids.com]- an international group of more than 2,600 scientists, doctors, journalists, health advocates and others - offers several eminent medical and scientific experts to comment on this and other AIDS issues currently in the news:

Etienne de Harven, M.D.*
Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto Saint Cézaire, France Member and professor in cell biology, Sloan Kettering Institute, New York, 1956-1981. Isolated and obtained the first electron microscopic studies of the murine Friend leukemia virus, and retroviral budding. Frequent critic of the "isolation" of HIV, and past president of Rethinking AIDS. Dr. de Harven can comment on the science of retrovirus isolation.

Janine Roberts Investigative Reporter Bristol, U.K. jan@fearoftheinvisible.com Author, Fear of the Invisible, a recent book exposing the fraud in the drafting of one of the original 1984 Science articles by Robert Gallo. Web site: www.fearoftheinvisible.com

Media Contacts:

David Crowe*
President, Rethinking AIDS Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Mountain time zone) 1-403-289-6609 (office) 1-403-861-2225 (mobile) david.crowe@aras.ab.ca

Elizabeth Ely
Public Relations Chairperson Rethinking AIDS Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. (Eastern time zone) 1-718-704-9672 (mobile) publicrelations@rethinkingaids.com

*Rethinking AIDS board member.

Rethinking AIDS: The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis ("RA" or "the Group") was formed in 1991 to express the concerns of a growing number of renowned scientists and medical doctors about HIV research and the resulting human rights abuses. In 1995, by a letter published in Science, the Group called for a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against the HIV/AIDS hypothesis and recommended that critical epidemiological studies be undertaken.

Among RA's founders and key members are University of Toronto professor emeritus and former cancer researcher Dr. Etienne de Harven; Harvard microbiologist Dr. Charles Thomas; 1993 Nobel laureate for chemistry Dr. Kary Mullis; Nature/Biotechnology co-founder Dr. Harvey Bialy; University of California at Berkeley molecular biologist Dr. Peter Duesberg and the late Yale mathematician Dr. Serge Lang, both members of the National Academy of Sciences; physicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos of the Royal Perth Hospital in Australia; and Glasgow University professor emeritus of public health and World Health Organization consultant Dr. Gordon Stewart.

How Positive are you?


About Your Hosts

About Christine Maggiore

Christine Maggiore was a successful entrepreneur in international business when she unexpectedly tested HIV positive during a routine medical exam in 1992. Shortly thereafter, she became a very passionate public speaker for several prominent AIDS organizations including AIDS Project Los Angeles, LA Shanti Foundation, and Women at Risk. 

In 1993, at the request of an AIDS specialist, Christine took a new HIV test which led to a series of tests that fluctuated inexplicably between HIV positive, HIV negative and indeterminate. This unsettling experience compelled Christine to take a closer look at the “AIDS awareness” she had been taught to teach as a public speaker. Following a trail of unanswered questions eventually led Christine outside the confines of conventional wisdom and into a body of scientific, medical and epidemiological data that challenged everything she thought she knew about HIV and AIDS.

In 1995, Christine established a monthly public forum in Los Angeles for the discussion of unanswered questions about HIV and AIDS. This effort eventually evolved into Alive & Well, a non-profit education and peer support network that raises questions about the validity of HIV tests, the safety and effectiveness of AIDS drug treatment, and the foundation of most popular beliefs about HIV and AIDS. Alive & Well’s mission is to inspire open dialogue on these subjects and enable people worldwide to make truly informed choices about their life and health.

In 1996, while trying to summarize 10 key questions about AIDS in a simple brochure, Christine created the first edition of her book, “What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?” which quickly became an important addition to the international debate on the HIV hypothesis.

Over the next nine years, Christine’s persistent questions and tenacious pursuit of answers aroused both admiration and animosity, evoked invitations to debate and dialogue at various universities and medical schools around the country, and led to countless speaking engagements in a variety of venues ranging from the Rand Corporation to Reverend Al Sharpton’s Action Network and a medical conference in Russia. Her work and life story inspired a number of news segments (CNN, NBC Nightly News, ABC’s 20/20, Court TV,), magazine articles (Newsweek, Mothering, SPIN, GQ, Elle) television episodes (Judging Amy, ER), book reports, dissertations, and documentary films (The Other Side of AIDS, This Child of Mine).

In May of 2005, tragedy struck when Christine’s three year-old daughter, Eliza Jane Scovill, died suddenly and unexpectedly following treatment with an antibiotic for a simple ear infection. Four months later, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office declared Eliza Jane’s death was due to AIDS-related pneumonia. News sources around the world reported on the announcement and followed the drama of a 12-month criminal investigation (see JusticeForEJ.com for details) that focused on potential charges of negligent homicide.

Critics of her controversial work celebrated the coroner’s conclusion and openly expressed hope that Christine would be arrested and silenced. Instead, after a year of inquiry, the police investigation was closed with no charges filed, and Christine and her husband filed a civil suit against the LA County coroner’s office for maliciously claiming a cause of death for their daughter that is not supported by biomedical evidence.

Almost 17 years after testing HIV positive, and despite life’s many challenges, Christine continues to enjoy remarkable good health without the use of AIDS treatments or other pharmaceutical interventions. She lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, California with her husband and partner of 12 years, Robin Scovill, a filmmaker and real estate investor, and their son Charlie, age 11, whose interests include studying cello and piano and playing ice hockey.

Christine is currently working on a book about Eliza Jane and the witch hunt inspired by her death while running Alive & Well, working as supervised visitation monitor for family court, and heading up The Shaken Justice Project, an effort that provides legal, medical and peer support to innocent parents and caretakers wrongly accused of crimes after the sudden and unexpected death of a child.

Her interests include spending time with family and friends, cooking, holistic medicine, healing the environment, independent and international films (especially French and Italian), reading, gardening, camping, and daily walks with the two family dogs.

About David Crowe 

David Crowe received an honours degree in biology and mathematics in 1978 from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Canada with a thesis and later publication based on computer analysis of many-dimensional biological data to estimate evolutionary relationships. This research was the first to hypothesize and provide evidence that a species of plant (Bidens connata) was most likely actually a hybrid of two other species.

In the early 1990s, David became interested in the scientific controversy of whether HIV causes AIDS after hearing a CBC radio program by Colman Jones. Knowing about the corruption that exists in science from his experiences as an environmentalist, and also knowing the limits of scientific knowledge, he started a project that would enable him to render an informed decision on the question of HIV. The project–still ongoing–is to read all the major scientific literature on HIV and AIDS.

In 1999, David founded the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society with the goal of providing science-based information to people around the world in order to enable them to make their own decisions about HIV testing and treatment.

In 2000, David became active in AnotherLook, a research organization established by Marian Tompson, one of the co-founders of La Leche League International in the 1950s. Another Look is dedicated to scientific verification the common view that breastfeeding by HIV-positive women is dangerous. As a member of the advisory board of Another Look, David has contributed to a number of articles and letters on the topic of HIV and breastfeeding that have been published in the medical literature or Another Look’s web site

After reading in the news about the case of Sophie Brassard, a Montreal woman who was losing custody of her children because she refused to give them AIDS drugs, David became concerned with the human rights violations that take place under the banner of HIV prevention. He now works with legal professionals around the world to help prevent or remedy situations in which people are coerced into taking drugs, separated from their children or sent to jail based on unfounded assumptions about the transmission of HIV and the development of AIDS.

After serving three years as a board member of Rethinking AIDS, an international organization of doctors, scientists and journalists who question the HIV=AIDS theory, David was appointed president in 2008. During his tenure as RA president he hopes to make the organization a leader in the provision of uncorrupted scientific information to the media, scientists, politicians and anyone who is interested in whether the HIV hypothesis of AIDS is a fact or a grand illusion.

Dispelling the notion that AIDS rethinkers are political conservatives, David was one of the founders of the Green Party of Alberta in 1990. He is also involved with the Green Party at the federal level.

David has written for a number of national magazines on a multitude of subjects including health, science and technology. He has also provides summaries of AIDS science through categorized lists of thousands of direct quotations from medical journals, government documents, test and treatment manufacturer documents and the popular media. This extensive collection of quotes is referenced by educators, legal professionals and concerned citizens throughout the world and can be found at the web site for Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society http://aras.ab.ca and Rethinking AIDS

Married and the father of three, David enjoys cooking, cycling, learning Italian, and the great outdoors. He currently works in the telecommunications industry as a consultant, a position that often requires him to travel to China, India and other areas of the world where AIDS is thought to prevalent. Through his travels David has met people from many countries who question the idea that HIV=AIDS.

In his not so ample spare time, David is writing “The Infectious Myth,” a book that will cover AIDS and other health conditions wrongly blamed on germs.

Semmelweis Endorses Scientists’ Call for Science to RETRACT Fraudulent Reports on HIV


Washington DC, Dec 9 – Nearly 25 years after the publication of four foundational articles on HIV and AIDS, prominent scientists, physicians and legal experts are now asking for their removal from the journal Science.

Their request is based upon new evidence that Dr. Robert Gallo - the former National Cancer Institute (NCI) researcher who declared he had found the probable cause of AIDS - had actually based his claims on his own unverified last-minute alterations to lab reports and experiments.

The letter's 37 signatories include medical doctors, chemists, oncologists, university professors, virologists, researchers, pathologists, AND biologists.

After fellow researcher Matthew Gonda PhD informed Gallo that his electron microscopy showed no evidence of a virus in 1984, Gallo used Gonda's name and photographs to corroborate his claim that he had isolated the virus. Because the majority of all subsequent AIDS research is predicated on the assumption that Gallo's research was legitimate, the ramification of these findings of fraud raises serious questions regarding past and current US policy toward AIDS research.

It now appears that Gallo never produced any evidence or proof that HIV attacks cells or causes AIDS. As a result of his unchallenged claims, Gallo was officially declared one of two co-discoverers of the HIV in 1984.

Gallo left NCI after the Dept's of Health's Office of Research Integrity (ORI) accused him of committing scientific misconduct (1992). Although the evidence against him was considerable a legal technicality prevented criminal charges from being filed.

Gallo shares a patent for HIV tests that generates millions of dollars in annual revenue, although the tests do not detect the presence of the virus itself or any unique or specific components of HIV. No HIV test manufacturer has ever claimed that their tests detect HIV or AIDS.

The new findings were first admitted into evidence during a Congressional investigation (Dingell-1993) that focused on questions related to Gallo's alleged theft of cell culture samples. Those hearings never examined the actual fabrication of research.

The ORI reported that Gallo's "irresponsible laboratory management has permanently impaired the ability to retrace the important steps taken." Not only did Gallo's conduct prevent fellow scientists from verifying his research, but Gallo distributed research materials with the express stipulation that his experiments not be repeated.

Semmelweis Society International (SSI) has determined that the new evidence does not conflict with the findings of it's own investigation which was initiated after a former medical student raised questions about AIDS in Africa.

For additional information, contact Clark Baker (clark@semmelweis.org) or visit www.semmelweis.org.

(Semmelweis Society International, Inc., is a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation. Comprised of physicians, nurses, attorneys and university professors, its primary mission is to promote patient safety by ending retaliation against scientists, physicians, and nurses who report dangerous conditions, fraud, and corruption within hospitals and the US healthcare industry.)


Please see more info at http://www.thereikimatrix.com/HIVAIDS/index.htm