Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aids: An Iatrogenic Depopulation Strategy?

It is hard to make sense of the numerous contradictions in the official explanation of what causes Aids and how to best fight the scourge. But then - the confusion may be fully intentional. Aids as a strategy and cover for de-population would make perfect sense. It is race specific, its victims are the poor and socially deviant, and if we believe the press, the whole population of the African continent is at grave risk. A high percentage of those treated eventually do die. What they die of is the hard question that must be asked.

Aids testing, prevention and treatment are promoted by the medical/pharmaceutical world and by the mainstream press as essential counter-measures. Yet both Aids testing and treatment target certain racial and social groups and the populations of developing countries, especially if they are located on the African continent.

The interpretation of test results is largely arbitrary. Prevention consists of giving both mother and child a highly toxic shot of medicine, and treatment - more often than not - seals the fate of the victim. Treatment leads to a more or less certain death. All that is promised is that the death will be slowed by "life extending" drugs.

What makes me think of a deliberate strategy with regards to Aids and the confusion that surrounds it, is the point-blank refusal of the reigning pharmaceutical/medical establishment to even address those contradictions, to discuss in an open way with those who point out that something's not right. Perhaps I am too suspicious, but it seems to me that so much bungling cannot be the result of mere inadequacy.


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Here Henry Bauer, author of a book titled "The Origin, Persistance and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory" and author of an excellent blog that looks behind the news on Aids, details how it is impossible for scientists steeped in AIDS orthodoxy to even consider that there might be alternative explanations for what they are looking at. The lie has become so pervasive it is nigh impossible to even make someone look at it to see.

Video: Denying AIDS: The HIV Industry, Political Denialism, and Mass Genocide
Denying AIDS means to to rethink what we have all been told about HIV, about AIDS and about Africa. Mass hysteria in the world media outlets about African AIDS on a daily basis would drive a person into rage when noticing how hyped up estimates and statistics are and how Scientists feed the market for Antiretrovirals. Denying AIDS means to replace Toxic drug regimens with medications for the same classic diseases running rampant in Africa, the need for food, shelter, clean water and better sanitary conditions. Denying AIDS does not mean to deny diseases - every country has had them. Denying AIDS means to let go of the phoney construct the HIV Industry invented.

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Seth Kalichman said...

There is no scientific debate about HIV causing AIDS.
There are few scientists listed among the 2700 AIDS Rethinkers, none mainstream. None have published on AIDS in peer reviewed research journals. None have cared for people living with AIDS. Some of the names have even been fictitious. The AIDS denialists are not dissident scientists because they are not even scientists. Rethinkers in AIDS are actually conspiracy theorists, as clearly seen in some of the comments here. AIDS denialism shares much in common with 9/11 truthseeking and Holocaust denialism.
A new book tells the destructive story of AIDS denialism…..Denying AIDS: Conspiracy Theories, Pseudoscience, and Human Tragedy being published by Copernicus / Springer Books. This is the first psychological analysis of the AIDS denialist movement . All of the royalties from sales of Denying AIDS are being donated to purchase HIV treatments in Africa. I have also created an Author’s blog for readers and others interested in AIDS denialism http://denyingaids.blogspot.com/