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HIV - Another Scam on US?


Remember AIDS=Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome…this means the immune system is not able to fight off a wide variety of actual diseases. AIDS is NOT a disease and neither is HIV?

The video points out that the true cause of AIDS is any number of things, in this country it started out as a gay person and drug user's syndrome that caused many different diseases. The reason for it as stated in the film was the exposure to the retrovirus's of too many people, drug usage, stress; all of which breaks down the immune system. If a gay man has 50 sex partners in a year he is exposed to the retrovirus of those 50 plus the 50 each of them was exposed to plus the 50 each of them was exposed to ad infinitum. It also states that a variety of other illnesses stress the immune system to the point where this acquired immune deficiency syndrome occurs.

(PLEASE NOTE: I am only presenting information I learned in this video. I am making no judgments about gay people or drug users. You will need to do more research for yourself if this is personally impacting your life.)

Every country in the world measures and diagnoses HIV based on different criteria. You can be diagnosed as HIV positive in one country and as HIV negative in another. So if you find you are diagnosed as HIV positive in the USA then you can just move to Australia or some other country and be negative. Health problem solved right? There is something very wrong here…read on or scroll down and watch the video for yourself.

No one has ever seen the HIV virus! We only have artist's renditions of what they theorize the virus should look like. After all these years shouldn't we have found one of these viruses in somebody's blood? The doctors in this film say this is not normal procedure for declaring something a virus. You must be able to isolate a virus and see it in a microscope to identify it as a cause of a disease.

The test for HIV itself comes from the manufacturer with a warning…"This test should not be used for the diagnosis of HIV-1 infection and is intended for use only in individuals with documented HIV infection."

It appears as we are being scammed by the drug companies and the US Military. Yes the US Military …are you surprised? This video states that the head of the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the other major medical agency (sorry I did not get the name of it…watch the video) involved with discovering HIV/AIDs and its continual classification is the US Military.

A doctor in the film is says, "Our theory is that AIDs can be treated and prevented by antioxidants and this has been proven by researchers from Stamford University where they have shown that AIDS patients including the T4 lymphocytes of AIDS patients are oxidized and that oxidation is directly related to the development of AIDS and conversely, if you give antioxidants to the AIDS patient, the progression of the disease is inhibited."

They have proven this and still they dole out the drugs …WHY? Follow the money!

AIDS is not a medical problem it is a social problem.

In the video they say, "In the 80s the AIDs epidemic was the result of the recreational drug epidemic in the US and Europe. It shifted considerably in the 90s and is a direct result of the anti-retroviral drugs themselves."

In Africa they have found it financially convenient to diagnose people HIV positive, because drug companies will pay for diagnosis and treatment, rather than with one of the many other diseases that cause AIDS.

That is enough from me. I am thoroughly disgusted. Watch the video.

Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS (Gary Null)

We need to wake up to the bullshit we are being fed. Our governments, the medical community and the major networks are all doing a major snow job on us and we have to stop it. We get better information from the internet, independent bloggers and MySpace friends. Can you understand why I suggested a new system for governing ourselves in my blog International World Government.

A search on the internet for the producer of this video Gary Null turned up this web page refuting Gary and his claims:

There were many others too. I only present it as a counter point of view. I however have personally found that the medical community is often decietful and corrupt, especially when it come to money. Please take the information presented here and do your own research if this issue affects you or your loved ones directly. I believe that Christine Maggiorie's info in the comments below to be of great value.

Michael Skowronski
Author of Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story

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