Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Calling of an Angel: Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea

Calling of an Angel: Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea

The true story of Rene Caisse and an Indian herbal medicine called Essiac, nature's cure for cancer -- by Dr. Gary Glum

"Every year medical science spends billions of dollars in a desperate search for the cure--or cures--for cancer. And yet, despite the use of increasingly expensive and dangerous technology and drugs, we never seem to get any closer to sparing mankind from our most dreaded and deadly disease.

"Is it possible that the answer to our prayers about treating cancer has been available to us all along, a gift from nature, hidden in the life-giving properties of certain plants that grow wild all over North America?

"The answer is yes. For more than 50 years, Rene Caisse, a nurse in Canada, successfully treated thousands of cancer patients with a simple herbal formula that was discovered and first used long ago by the Indians.

"Rene Caisse brewed the herbs into a tea that she called Essiac, and many of her patients and their families and friends swore that Essiac's healing--and pain-relief--powers were nothing short of miraculous. Distinguished physicians--from the 1930s until the 1980s--have spoken out in favor of Essiac's value as a cancer treatment.

"Yet Rene Caisse's use of a natural treatment for cancer made her a controversial figure in Canada. In the midst of a national political debate, fueled by newspaper headlines, the Canadian parliament in 1939 came with three votes of legalizing her use of Essiac.

"For years after that narrow defeat, under the constant threat of arrest and jail, Rene Caisse continued to treat patients and win their passionate support. She never charged a fee for her service. She accepted only voluntary contributions. Her goal was to help people, not make money, and the cancer patients fortunate enough to come under her care came to think of her as an angel.

"But she was really a person of greatness, a devoted healer, who wanted to make Essiac available to all of mankind. As a result of her fears about what the medical and legal establishments would do with her formula for Essiac, she never released it publicly.

"This book tells the incredible story of Rene Caisse and her lifetime battle to bring forth Essiac, and reveals for the first time publicly how to acquire the formula to brew Essiac in your own home." [Text taken from dust jacket]

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