Friday, February 1, 2008


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From Ralph Fucetola JD while Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine are on the road...

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Friends of Health and Freedom,

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert were just in Ghana at the Codex GM working group. In the next few days they will be in several other African countries. Through your generosity we made a difference there again!

Internet service there is excruciatingly slow and very expensive. So Rima's emailed me her Codex Blog which I've posted on the web site. Here is paraphrasing of part of it:

"Let me cut to the chase: You already know that your health freedom is under attack in the US (think compulsory vaccination, unlabeled GM foods, cloned meat and milk, vaporized medical privacy, banning DHEA and bioidentical hormones, etc.) and through multinational interests impacting international bodies like Codex.

"General Stubblebine and I were at the second Codex "Working Group on the Labeling of Certain Foods Derived from Genetic Modification/Genetic Engineering" (GM/GE) which came into being when the US tried to get the labeling of GM foods off the Codex agenda.

"You see, if there as long as countries are part of Codex and the WTO (World Trade Organization) and there is no standard by which a country can control the GM labeling of the food that the US and its GM-friendly national buddies (like Australia, for example, and Argentina, Mexico, Canada and the others) to declare what food is GM (or has GM ingredients), then they are powerless to protect their people, their environment and their crops from the dangers of biotechnology."

The fact that this Working Group exists, by the way, is a validation of the Natural Solutions Foundation strategy of working with the developing world to force the changes that will protect them (and us!) in the Codex process.

"The US and its multinational corporate buddies (which function a lot like a mama duck and her ducklings following right in a row behind her) have been trying to bull through unlabeled GM foods for international trade for nearly a decade and a half using various parts of the Codex process to accomplish their desires. There are a great many countries, however, that are, thankfully, having none of it!

"The EU and many Asian and African countries have not been willing to accept the US FDA's assurances that these "foods" are either safe or identical to unmodified foods. Many of them, like Japan, Norway and the EU have gone on in that time to require identification of GM food on the labels that consumers will see so that they have a choice or to prohibit GM "food" altogether. This is not what the US wants. It clearly is not what the Biotech industry wants. In fact, in the US, as you probably already know, it is not permitted to label the food or food components which are GM in foods you make or sell.

"The FDA states that such labeling, although truthful, would be "false and misleading" ...huh? When Dr. Schneeman announced that the FDA believes that GM food is the same as non GM food and that the fact that consumers would reject it if they knew that food was GM allowed them to withhold the truth from them because that true information would be "false and misleading". If you remember the FDA's position last year at this meeting in Oslo,.

"Dr. Schneeman of the FDA and her delegation and their supporters from the Biotech Industry and the International Grocery Manufacturer's Association (yes, they are here as NGOs) tried stone walling the attempts of countries like Ghana, Mali and other developing nations to force the labeling of any genetically modified foods. I have to hand it to Dr. Scheeman: she is adroit and very, very skillful at using parlimentary procedure; too bad the position she asserts violates US statutory law, case law and constitutional law!"

You can read more about what happened at Dr Rima's Codex blog... the Revolt of Health Conscious Nations!

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert are engaged in effective and complex health freedom actions in the US and, as you can see from the above, internationally at Codex and elsewhere. I'll be back in Washington on February 7th to meet with Congressional staffers and other decision makers, bringing the Natural Solutions message regarding health freedom concerns like forced vaccination and Codex attacks on truthful information.

Our efforts, if being done by a country or industry association would have a dozen full time people. Here we have to rely on the part time volunteer efforts of a handfull. But even with that, we need a minimum of about $45,000 per month. Your generous efforts have, during some months, brought us up to a half or 2/3 of that requirement, and we've made do; but we could do much more with more support. Hundreds of thousands will get this eblast; ten to twenty percent will open it; two percent will do something... and between 300 and 600 people will donate monthly; some have become Health Freedom Heroes by signing on for a regular monthly donation... that really helps since it lets us budget and plan in advance.

With enough funding for travel, taking on basic staff support, legislative and other research, video and ebook production, Congressional Education and the like, we can have an increasing impact on decisions makers.

It is simple: we are looking for 450 people to pledge $100 per month or 900 people to pledge $50 per month or about $1.66 per day to make sure that we are able to continue this critical battle. No one else is carrying out these activities and no one else has as far reaching and effective a program as you have with the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Please, please click below and contribute. Freedom is not free; nor is health... if you want either or, better, both, we need your hard-earned funds now more than ever.

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Yours in health and freedom,
Ralph Fucetola JD for
Dr. Rima

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