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From Ralph Fucetola JD while Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine are on the road...

This issue:
Blogging from Africa: they "get it!"
Your donations are making a difference!
Four Health and Freedom Forums mean more action!

Dear Health and Freedom Advocates:

Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine continue their trip through several African nations, bringing the natural solutions message to opinion leaders and decision makers. Dr. Rima's Internet connection is sporadic, but she sent me this message, while her connection lasted. Here are some excerpts. The full text is on her blog,

"We met with a direct underling to the Minister of Health in X [a developing African nation - we don't want to identify it because it could be subect to extreme US and corporate pressure between now and our meeting] who is responsible for all preventive health in that country. She is very excited about the fact that concerted action by an alliance of Health Conscious Nations (HCN) can turn Codex Alimentarius (the World Food Code) to the advantage of food consumers, especially in areas like Africa…

Our contact has risked his whole career for this so he is counting on us to come through for him. She is fantastic… I do not want to announce publicly that we are in this country but we want to tell our netroots it would appear that the Natural Solutions Foundation interventions and connections over the last 3 years are bearing fruit in changing the mindset of Codex delegates and therefore the will of the countries in the developing world to take the power back to protect their people.

These countries banded together… for the first time, to stand together to counter the Big Agra/Big Pharma agenda. Realizing that the seemingly innocuous language used by the US to create a heading that would ordinarily seem quite innocent ("foods are considered safe if they are on the market"), would mean that, in an international trade dispute, say before the WHO, the refusing (or labeling) country could be found to be creating "a barrier to trade" because they were keeping out foods that were already known to be "safe."

But GM foods are NOT known to be safe and are on the market in ever increasing numbers. The FDA prevents their labeling in the US and wants to do the same all over the world…

Africa got it and led the revolt that took the "safety" words out of their proposed heading!

What is Codex Doing to the

World's Food Supply?

Nutrients? Treat them as if they were dangerous industrial chemicals and subject them to "risk analysis" to select clinically meaningless doses that cannot be increased above….

Unnatural Synthetic Growth Hormones? Treat them as if they were benign or even, absurdly, good for us…

Let the farmers of the world know that their cows need to be treated with Monsanto's Recombinent Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), that there is no upper limit to the amount they can use, but don't tell them that their cows will become chronically ill and will need expensive and, in many places, unavailable antibiotics …

Overused Antibiotics? see hormones. Good for Big Pharma. Disaster for humanity.

Irradiation? All fruit and veggies imported into the US must be irradiated…

Irradiation increases free radical populations hugely. Free radicals are a causative agent, as I said above, in many of the world's deadliest (and expensive) diseases…

Health Claims? Nah, forget it. Even the provision of information which is accurate and science based cannot be given to the public. The Codex Food Labeling Committee Meeting determined in 2007, with the abundant help from the US, that any communication which gave the consumer information about what he could expect through the taking of foods (or food supplements) was to be banned as "advertising"...

No, as I told the health conscious civil servant in this African Country, the war is not over yet. And our side has just begun to fight!

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We want to thank you, our Natural Solutions Foundation "Netroots" for 4 days of "A K a Day"—a thousand dollars a day in support so far this month! It's your help "which keeps the doctor away" on health freedom duty, promoting our interests at Codex!

We thank the group profusely and want you to know since the beggining of Februar that we have received about 62 recurring donations and 40 of them are brand new. Those gifts average about $50 per month ($2,000). Our minimal monthly expenses are about $45,000 per month (Dr. Rima, Bert and I do not take a penny in salary!). Now we need another 860 people to join those generous donors, along with our other fantastic supporters, in keeping the Doctor, the General and the Lawyer (that's me) on the move for health freedom - your regular recurring tax exempt donations (

through will keep this growing movement growing stronger!

I will be in Washington this week
educating lawmakers on your health and freedom concerns. I've got appointments with Congressional Aides from 10 AM through 4 PM who are already deeply dissatisfied with the FDA and calling it a "seriously failed agency." So your support will help me have a stronger impact in DC this week. Thank you!

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We are listening to our Netroots and using social networking to help you self-organize and make a difference. This includes establishing four online forums:

1. No-Forced-Vaccination - for no forced vaccination activism.

2. No-Forced-Vaccination-Lawyers - to coordinate legal action against forced vaccination.

3. NSF-Panama - Our demonstration project: Advanced Renewal Community [ARC]

4. Health Freedom Heroes - Our regular supporters strategy forum (membership by invitation only)

Remember to read Dr. Rima's full blog on the good things happening in Africa this week…

New Allies in the Health Freedom Struggle

And some additional good news: If you are familar with the Life Extension Foundation, you will know this prestigious NGO organization has an outstanding reputation in the nutrient and remedy fields. We've known their leadership for many years and are happy to report that we've been discussing how to work together to create an effective and influential Strategic Alliance among industry, advocates and NGOs. Stay tuned...

Thank you for making it all possible! Please help,especially if you haven't already.

Yours in health and freedom,

Ralph Fucetola JD, Trustee
for Dr. Laibow

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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