Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gary Null, My Red Herring

This is in response to this comment, left by Alan Huyshe.

It was not my intention to post my views on Mr Null as any kind of red herring.  It is also not my intention to make Gary Null my main focus.  He, specifically, IS irrelevant.  I do not want to aid in making Mr. Null more important than the subject at hand.  Mr. Null is doing that job very well for himself.

My intention was more along the lines of pointing out the destructiveness of unchecked personal egos, greed, and sociopaths.  When Mr. Null makes himself more important than the actual topic, is he not, in a way, making himself a red herring?  Robert Gallo, by thinking that his reputation and image was more important than saving lives, has set back AIDS research at least two decades.  Mr Null, by thinking himself too good to give Clark Baker's investigation any attention or recognition on his website or his radio show, has participated in keeping things status quo.  Mr. Null posts daily news stories on his homepage, why not Clark Baker's story?  I get the impression it's because of the subject, which Mr. Null has decided belongs to him.

Yes, we've all got egos.  But, how many people think that focus on themselves is more important than saving lives?  How many people are in positions to make a huge difference because of the audience that they have?  Yes, Mr. Null wrote very little and, like I said, it spoke volumes to me about who Mr Null is.  My interpretation has also been echoed from several sources.  Though saving lives is no doubt important to Mr. Null, his ego seems to be more important.

Mr. Baker, by revealing the individual criminal elements behind this topic of HIV and AIDS fraud, is opening up the box for people to see that perhaps the answer to the questions

"is it possible to tell who has 'hiv'? how can we tell whether or not it spreads? has anybody ever proven that there is a link between the retrovirus and the breakdown of immune function?"
have already been answered and those answers are being suppressed because they would cost the pharmaceutical and medial industries a lot of money. Otherwise they would not have to go through such criminal means to cover their collective asses.

I have already expressed my appreciation for Gary Null's work in getting the truth out about HIV and AIDS.  Or at least to get people to question "conventional wisdom".  That is not in question.  I'm sure Robert Gallo actually has done SOME good in his lifetime of work too, but that doesn't mean he is a decent person and not out to help anyone but himself.

Having an extremely high IQ, in my opinion, does not give anyone the right to be cruel, selfish and destructive to the rest of us.  If they have such grand intelligence they aught to be able to figure out how to deal with people and not dismiss them.  Does having a high IQ automatically mean one is without compassion or empathy?  Or do ignorant souls deserve to be cast aside as "useless feeders" by these paragons of intelligence?  Is it OK for millions to suffer and/or die because some ego freak doesn't want to share the spotlight with anybody?  Not in my book.

I thank you for your confidence, Mr. Huyshe, but I somehow doubt that "WE'RE ALL FOCUSSING" on what I have to say about Gary Null - Unless you know something that I don't.  I also wrote my follow-up to this open letter to point out that the problem is not specifically Gary Null, but people like him.  I don't care which side of an issue you're on, if you have an ego that needs more attention than the problem at hand then you are a hindrance to the solutions for that problem.

Mr. Huyshe, you said,
"I have spent a few decades now completely mystified as to why a genocidal holocaust on a scale far greater than Hitler's is not front page news every day. Is not even of much interest to most of my friends. Public inertia over this appalling crime is beyond my comprehension."
and my point is to bring to attention the fact that we are allowing greedy, sociopaths with over inflated egos to have high positions in places of power.  This is the reason we do not see these things on the front page of major newspapers, these fascist own the papers and they all protect each other.  I think that the CAUSE of a vast majority of our problems today is that we have allowed greedy people in power who have massive egos and no conscious and that this is not irrelevant.  Gary Null may not be a fascist sociopath, but he does appear to have what could be a destructively over-inflated ego with some selfish greed thrown in.

I guess I would not have reacted as I have, if I had not been so disappointed.  I'm disappointed that there seems to be very, very few genuinely altruistic people left in the world.  Mr. Null's response did anger me and perhaps I gave it too much attention.  But please don't overlook the underlying issue that I'm trying to point out in all of this.

We may temporarily fix some problems here and there, but until we root out the underlying cause of these problems - psychologically sick people in power - they will keep reoccurring.  It is my assertion that the major cause of all the major problems we face in the world today are due to greedy, selfish, egotistical, sociopaths making their way into power and gaining control over the lives of millions.

So, I'm not bickering with anyone.  I am stating my opinions and views as I see things.  And I think I will continue to do so as long as there is some sembalence of free speech left.  It has been because of my ego - how I will look to others - that has kept me quiet and I'm working to dispense with that and allow myself permission to speak up.  If people can get riled up and want to defend Gary Null's ego then certainly I can speak up and defend what I think is right and point out what I think is wrong.  I'll also keep using my brain and will be more than willing to admit when I'm wrong.

I understand why you might see this as a red herring issue, but I'm only saying that maybe it's not.

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