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Gallo's Egg Continues To Crack as the Truth About AIDS Hatches

The Robert Scott Bell Blog

The Robert Scott Bell Blog

Gallo's Egg Continues To Crack as the Truth About AIDS Hatches

Posted: 22 Aug 2008 10:10 PM CDT

Headline: "Elite" HIV wife may hold secret to AIDS vaccine "Infected at least 10 years ago by her husband, the woman is able somehow to naturally control the deadly and incurable virus..." Did it ever occur to doctors that maybe she is just plain healthy? I find it rather interesting that these so-called non-progressors are called elitists.

She is a so-called "elite suppressor..."

It's an ironic description made by member scientists of a well-funded religion that demands worship of a retrovirus called HIV. The only actual "suppressing" going on is the suppression of the truth about AIDS. HIV does not cause it. The description of people testing "positive" to HIV, but not succumbing with immune collapse, as "suppressors" also brings to light the wrong-headed assumption that healthy people suppress disease in order to get or stay well. Is this how healthy people really stay healthy?

Perhaps in Louis Pasteur's childhood daydreams. Calling Antoine B├ęchamp. The truth is that when you are healthy, pathogens cannot breed and grow unchecked to result in a diagnosis of infection. Perhaps that is much too simple to understand for those that still believe that HIV tests actually detect HIV. Even the inventor of PCR (Nobel laureate Karry Mullis) stated that his breakthrough cannot be used as a diagnostic tool to detect the presence or absence of HIV.

Who pulled the pharmaceutical wool over planet earth? Even though it's a criminal enterprise, the pharmaceutical magic spell to cloud men's minds is wearing off as the wool is wearing thin. Truth is an unstoppable force, much like freedom, or love, it can be suppressed for a time, but it always breaks out somewhere else. What was it that the Terrence Mann character said in Field of Dreams?

"People will come, Ray."

It may look like an obscure Amish barn now, but the truth about HIV is getting a major upgrade thanks to Clark Baker and Gallo's Egg. The house that HIV built will crumble like the used toothpicks from which it was built. Or should I say that the house that HIV built will go down in the flames ignited by the AZT-laced matchsticks from which it was built? Either way, it will not be long before the world knows the criminal behavior of those that propped up the false causation hypothesis for money, status and power while hundreds of thousands went to pharmaceutical drug-induced deaths.

Anybody else fed up with the HIV death cult?

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