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We can no longer trust anyone to inject, in any way, anything into our bodies for any reason.

Flu Mist a popular over the counter live flu vaccine has been found to contain two H5N1 DNA markers, these markers seem to have been sewn into the flu mist vaccine to ensure that H5N1 or another strain of Avian Flu goes pandemic.

This is going to cause major problems before long, it is imperative that people are warned about flu mist.

This is the Natural Solutions Foundation’s current best Intelligence Estimate regarding the potential weaponized avian flu pandemic.

Disclaimer: No one knows if the pandemic will be unleashed. Let us pray that it will not. However, we note with alarm that there are an increasing number of indicators suggesting that this Pandemic is being prepared to be used against us all using a variety of weaponized viruses. If our ringing of the alarm bells is successful, we will be spared - and we will have been wrong. Let us all devoutly hope that the Natural Solutions Foundation’s urgent and effective information dissemination is that successful.

Please help to make the Pandemic secret so ineffective that the authors of this nightmare are backed off by our shared awareness. Disseminate this information to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

Latest Updates

Natural Solutions Foundation brings you on-going updates of breaking news and background information on the pandemic avian flu which, we believe, is being carefully engineered for possible introduction in the US (and perhaps elsewhere). Here is the latest information:

August 13, 2008

Newly “discovered” strains of the H5N1 Avian Flu virus are found in Nigeria. There is no way that bird migration could account for the appearance of a strain of the virus found in Iraq, Afghanistan and Italy in the absence of this year’s migration.

Garba Sharabutu, professor of veterinary medicine and president of the Nigerian Veterinary Association, disputes claims that the virus is a new strain or that it is highly pathogenic.

Transmission of the disputed “new strain” of Avian Flu in Nigeria to a human worker who developed a fever did not occur despite fears that the strain could cause humans to get sick.

The new African strain is not H5N1 at all, but H9N2, according to Public Library of Science Journal, PLOS One. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are hundreds of strains of avian influenza viruses, four of which (H5N1, H7N3, H7N7 and H9N2), however, can be transmitted to humans.

13 Indonesians with respiratory problems, fever and a history of contact with chickens tested negative for Avian Flu. “Health officials announced on Sunday that the 13 people from a village in North Sumatra province, Sumatra, who were hospitalized with complaints of fever and respiratory problems have tested negative for bird flu virus.

Nyoman Kandun, the health ministry’s director-general of communicable disease control, said, “Test results were negative for all suspected cases.”

“Highly pathogenic” H7 Bird Flu strain found in Oxfordshire, England, June, 2008. Strain said to pose “no threat to [human] health.

1918 Influenza Pandemic

“The effect of the influenza epidemic was so severe that the average life span in the US was depressed by 10 years. The influenza virus had a profound virulence, with a mortality rate at 2.5% compared to the previous influenza epidemics, which were less than 0.1%. The death rate for 15 to 34-year-olds of influenza and pneumonia were 20 times higher in 1918 than in previous years (Taubenberger). People were struck with illness on the street and died rapid deaths. One anectode shared of 1918 was of four women playing bridge together late into the night. Overnight, three of the women died from influenza (Hoagg). Others told stories of people on their way to work suddenly developing the flu and dying within hours (Henig). One physician writes that patients with seemingly ordinary influenza would rapidly “develop the most viscous type of pneumonia that has ever been seen”

1. Weaponized Flu Summary
2. Current Intelligence Estimate
3. Third Party Substantiation Links

Some concerned individuals have been asking for a Weaponized Avian Flu Summary, so we’ve updated the original posting at:

That posting now includes:

Weaponized Avian Flu Summary

A copy of Dr. Laibow’s original eAlert of July 19, 2008 - Updates are at the bottom of that posting

Update #1 - July 22, 2008: What a Response!

Update #2 - July 23, 2008: Your Coffins, from Uncle Sam…
More dots:

Update #3 - Model State Emergency Powers Act

Update #4 - Additional Blog Postings - Press Release Refused Distribution! and more…

Update #5 - Preparedness for Pandemic

Current Intelligence Estimate

1. We have been examining the historical record for latency and infectious periods (for example, for the 1918 pandemic and for the unweaponized Avian Flu). The latency period could be up to 2 weeks.

2. Our current best estimate is that people could start to notice symptoms as soon as a week after disbursal of the pathogen; the disease will, if especially virulent, cause death within 72 hours of first symptoms. The current unweaponized flu is deadly to 2/3 of those who catch it.

3. For example, if the pathogen were released, say, at the end of the Olympics, on August 23rd or 24th, people would start to notice symptoms by the end of the Labor Day Holiday (US Labor Day is September 1st this year).

4. By the time most US college students are back in school, say, September 5th, the media would begin to notice and the public authorities would be empowered to act, we suspect, within 72 hours of mass media notice (we believe the alternative media might “get wind” of the impending pandemic a day or a half day earlier).

5. That brings us to September 8th. We can expect national “lock down” and Martial Law within a couple days, as people panic to obtain food and protection. Places of public accommodation closed. End of Internet communications; possibly of telephone as well.

We note that the “Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine” is scheduled to be delivered to the United States from the Chinese pharmaceutical plant where it is being made during August. The government issued its “Vaccine” allocation plan about a week ago.

People have also asked for links to original information from which we’ve extracted the “dots” that lead to the the Intelligence Estimate we developed suggesting the flu pandemic could occur as early as September, 2008.

Substantiation Links

Here are some outside links that give rise to some of the elements of this Intelligence Estimate:

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