Friday, August 29, 2008

How we managed to overcome HIV and AIDS

I need your help

I need your help for a book that I am writing, which is tentatively entitled:

How we managed to overcome HIV and AIDS
without the use of toxic antiretrovirals

If you are a person diagnosed as seropositive (HIV-positive) and live a normal life without taking antiretrovirals, you can help me with a book that I am writing, a book that will feature the testimonies of those who have survived this diagnosis. This book will be in support of and will be of great help to those who suffer the social Calvary of seropositivity and AIDS. History will recognize the courage and bravery of each witness and your testimony will support and bring hope to those affected, demonstrating that it is possible to escape the incorrect forecasts of the official view on AIDS.

I am asking each person or affected family to write a testimony of his/her own history as follows:

  1. Each person or family will write a detailed history describing the ordeal suffered because of seropositivity, including how he/she learned of the existence of the AIDS Dissident Movement, and what he/she does to stay healthy. In addition, I will request a detailed history of the life of each seropositive, beginning (as much as possible) when he/she was in the womb, in order to ascertain which immunological stressor agents the person might have been exposed to, as well as to know the kind of person that he/she is. Please describe your joys and sorrows, the hopes and frustrations of a lifetime.

  2. The history should be from 5 to 20 pages and written in the individual's personal style. The words should come from the heart. Each testimony will be a chapter of the book and the book will contain as many styles as there are testimonies.

  3. You can sign your testimony with your name and address or use a pseudonym if you prefer. However, I, as editor of the book, will need complete identification of the person, with permission to publish his/her history in this book. I will publish only what the individual authorizes.

  4. When you have finished writing your testimony, please send it to my email address, I will proof read it and, if necessary, return it for corrections.

  5. Initially, the book will be published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  6. I am currently reviewing several testimonies from different countries, and there is no doubt that this book will be a very powerful weapon. These testimonies are far stronger than scientific arguments.

  7. Please forward this information to other seropositive people who do not take antiretrovirals.

Thank you very much,

Roberto Giraldo, MD


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