Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Open letter to Gary Null about Clark Baker and Gallo's Egg

Mr. Gary Null,

With all due respect, there is enough room for everybody to speak up on this issue without meeting anyone's criteria of "knowing enough". You certainly have the right to decide who and what you promote on your website and/or radio show. But your cursory dismissal of Clark Barker and his investigation speaks volumes about you. Did you actually read the article or did you immediately judge it as unworthy of your attention?

I appreciate the work that you have done, Mr. Null. However, Clark Baker, being an former law enforcement officer, former Marine Corp Sergeant and a current private investigator with an apparent solid reputation and history of standing for the Truth (often without financial compensation), has the resources to come at this from a very unique and fresh angle. Your videos, articles and books have enlightened me, angered me, depressed me, but never did they give me a feeling of hope as Mr. Baker's single article has done. He is not just spreading the truth, he is not just talking about it, HE IS REALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The fact that you would not promote his work or feel that I "have it in reverse" is highly disappointing as I have, up to this point, respected you for the work you've done. There is no room for EGO in this very serious matter and I did not realize that you felt that you had cornered the market on exposing the criminal activities of those defending the HIV=AIDS myth. How many lawsuits have you filed against any of these criminals? Or are you just out to promote and sell your own products? I find it very difficult to respect anyone that so obviously worships at the alter of the almighty dollar and robes their ego with an elitist attitude making themselves like some kind of an untouchable holy man. I now see you as someone who sees this issue as something to capitalize on for money and recognition.

After receiving your disappointing response, as someone whose life as been negatively impacted over the last 15+ years by being branded "HIV positive", I would have to support the work of Mr. Baker over yours, regardless of the length of experience. Mr. Baker is obviously out for the truth and not self aggrandizement as it appears you are. Elitism and over inflated ego's are destroying this planet. It is precisely because of Mr. Gallo's ego, surrounded by hungry greed, that so many lives have been destroyed over the last 25 years by the HIV myth. Everywhere you look you can see the destruction of society being precisely caused by sociopaths with over inflated egos and greed. It's a bigger problem than AIDS... It's killing millions of people everyday.

I will still reluctantly recommend that people watch your videos because there is so little out there, they disclose a lot of information and they can be seen for free. AND GETTING THE MESSAGE OUT THERE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT and I will support anyone who is speaking the truth. However, I will also let everyone know, similar to most medical doctors, your ego overshadows much of what you do and not to expect you to do more than promote your own self interests and line your own pocketbook.

It's not about you Mr. Null and it's not even about Clark Baker.... It's about people like me whose lives have been negatively impacted by this criminal lie perpetuated by the medical industry, pharmaceutical companies, The FDA, insurance companies, greedy doctors and the government. And more importantly, it's about the lives of those thousands whose trust is being violated and are still being indoctrinated every single day into the HIV=AIDS religion and are then fed the sacrament of HAART only to be slowly poisoned to death to the great financial benefit of a relatively few dangerous sociopaths.

David G Collins

Gary Null wrote:

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I think you have it in reverse. He should take a look at the documentary Aids Inc. , read the book Aids A Second Opinion and read some of the two thousands interviews and quotes from the leading scientists and dissidents on Aids,. He is just beginning a long journey where we have already been. It is always good to add another passionate voice to the movement.

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Please also consider having Clark Baker on your Radio Show!

Podcast Available - Gallo's Egg - Clark Baker on Robert Scott Bell Show

You can listen to the podcast of the interview here

and an off air interview after the show here

Thank You,

David Collins

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Manu said...

Bravo. Those are my feelings on this point too.

This element within dissent has the same effect on people that the flat declaration by 'AIDS" apologists has, when they say that none of us, Null included, know enough about "AIDS" to question it. This is unacceptable and I hope that it is answered vociferously by all. If Gary Null, like JP Moore believes that, then in my books, in spite of all his work, he is just another arrogant, egocentric, out of touch and elitist fool.

Alan Huyshe said...


As I read it mr Null actually wrote very little, and from that very little so much interpretation is spreading. And it's all irrelevant.

I agree with much of what has been written about Mr Null these last few days. A lot about fragile egos. But frankly, we've all got ego's, and they all get fragile sometimes.

Surely we all can identify with a situation in which someone comes along and tells us excitedly about something we've known about for decades. It's so easy in the long struggle to get cynical.

So give Mr Null a break, please. He HAS done a lot for 'the cause'. To say Clark Baker is 'actually doing something about it' is to imply that Mr Null hasn't done anything, which surely is far from the truth.

It seems to me that in an unthinking moment Mr Null quickly tapped out a response to an email, and NOW WE'RE ALL FOCUSSING ON THAT!

Red Herrings.

Mr Clark is a NEW force in the debate. He comes from a different background to most of us (indeed holds many views I personally question) and yet HE IS ON TO SOMETHING. He is contributing.

I have spent a few decades now completely mystified as to why a genocidal holocaust on a scale far greater than Hitler's is not front page news every day. Is not even of much interest to most of my friends. Public inertia over this appalling crime is beyond my comprehension.

So I welcome Clark Baker, and I thank Gary Null. ANYTHING that helps, helps.

Science has always been full of ego's. Scientists are after all human beings, and you try being a fallible human being with an IQ that puts you in the top one in a hundred or even one in a thousand. Living a life where almost everyone you come across has a lot less intelligence than you. It becomes almost impossible NOT to get dismissive of others, and thus grow a disproportionately sized ego. Academia has been full of them for centuries.

Mr Baker's contribution so far seems mainly in terms of exposing AidsInc, or at least some of their more reactionary members; their current lack of success in answering very valid points brought up by those who don't agree with them, and the far from scientific way in which they have answered.

And yet, revealing as this is, even this does not address the central issues: is it possible to tell who has 'hiv'? how can we tell whether or not it spreads? has anybody ever proven that there is a link between the retrovirus and the breakdown of immune function? and what about all the far more obvious causes of immune breakdown that make the whole viral model so far fetched in the first place?

And, of course, how to stop the killing and bring those who knew what they were doing to face justice for their crimes. And how to offer support for the thousands of well meaning kind hearted people who have been involved in carrying out the genocide.

So Mr Clark's much welcomed arrival on the scene is still only part of the issue. But he is welcome. As is Gary Null.

Now can we stop all this interpersonal bickering and get on with the job?