Saturday, July 26, 2008, HIV, Big Pharma and a Request

Dear Friends,

Mike Adams of is very active about exposing the FDA, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry for all the criminal activity that they engage in at the expense of people's health and their very lives. I subscribe to Mike's newsletter and I have learned much from reading his articles as well as the articles of those who are published on his site. However, he seems to choose to ignore the 'HIV equals AIDS' scandal for some reason. As, I suppose, do a lot a lot of high profile health and wellness promoters who are afraid for their reputations and livelihoods or just do not have the guts to truly stand up for this particular issue. Even this one seems to be too much for some of the health freedom heavy weights.

I realize that the environment has been created in which even questioning the dictate of 'HIV equals AIDS' is taboo. Many prominent Doctors, Scientist, University Professors and other learned people have lost their reputations and jobs by simply questioning HIV as being the cause of AIDS (this should raise red flags in itself - people should be able to question ANYTHING). People have been conditioned to respond to people who ask this question as if they had just sentenced millions of people to a horrible death when the exact opposite is true. The whole HIV equals AIDS paradigm has been created so that a few people and organizations can make Billions of dollars by convincing healthy people, with a bogus blood test, that they have a deadly incurable virus that will eventually kill them if they do not take an expensive "cocktail" of highly toxic drugs... Which causes side-effects that require further medications... Until you're dead. You know, the typical medical protocol. This has made the pharmaceutical and medical industries billions of dollars at the expense of millions of lives.

For most there is no question that AIDS exists, however the search for the true cause and treatment has been sidetracked by a few people whose ego's and lust for power and money have caused untold suffering and death by claiming to have found the answer and have presented it without any real proof. There have been a lot of suppressed studies that show AIDS is linked to malnutrition and exposure to toxins. From my research I've come to an understanding that AIDS is an issue of toxicology not virology.

This issue affects EVERYONE, but is particularly relevant to me because I have been affected by it personally. I was diagnosed as "HIV positive" 15 (fifteen) years ago. I was diagnosed with AIDS around a year ago. I did not question the medical orthodoxy on this until about a year ago. I do not recall that my AIDS diagnosis being what motivated me to look closer, as I was also questioning a lot of pharmaceutical issues at the time. I know that there are those who will accuse me of simply being in denial of my situation and desperately looking for a way out. The only thing I'm desperate about is getting the truth out about HIV and AIDS. I have already been accused of being irresponsible for taking my health into my own hands. However, I must point out that I have NEVER been extraordinarily ill during this entire time. The only reason I was diagnosed with AIDS is because my T-Cell count went below 200, which is one of the definitions of having AIDS as espoused by the CDC. (T-cells are a highly questionable way to gauge the health of one's immune system). And I have done (and I am still doing) more than a cursory research on this whole subject. I have always been willing to admit when I am wrong and I do not claim to understand everything that I have read but I have understood enough to know that I have been lied to directly and indirectly about my health and consequently almost poisoned to death.

I waited over seven years from the time I was "diagnosed" to consider taking any of the prescribed medications for HIV because my "numbers" were always healthy. It was during an extremely stressful time in my life that my numbers started looking "bad" (stress is known to cause havoc with blood tests) and I was persuaded to begin taking the drugs. It was only during the time that I did so that I experienced any "HIV" or "AIDS like" symptoms... Constant diarrhea, constant nausea, jaundice and lipodystrophy. I took these for a couple of years and then stopped and took a "med holiday" (which I is something I don't think they recommend anymore) under the advice of a doctor because my immune system was showing to be healthy. After stopping the "medications" my body went back to normal. A couple of years later I was urged to begin taking the drugs again and I reluctantly complied. After all, they told me I would soon be dead if I didn't. The side-effects were worse this time around and I stopped taking them on my own. I stopped taking ALL pharmaceutical drugs about a year ago and I am healthier than I've ever been.

I am supposed to be dead or at least on my way to being dead. I am not. I am healthier than most of the people I know who are "HIV negative". I do believe that if I had started taking meds when I was first diagnosed I would be dead now. I do believe that if I had continued taking the drugs after I had started I would be dying now. The "HIV Cocktail" they prescribe stops several very important functions required by the body to be healthy and to live. They actually destroy the immune system which is something they are suppose to stopping the HIV from doing! The drugs will cause you to have AIDS if you don't have it to begin with. You are not treated as a person who has a virus that must be stopped. You are treated as if you ARE a virus and you must die.... A slow horrible death caused by poisoning.

They do this to people on the basis of an "HIV test". No HIV test, whether it uses blood, urine or saliva, has ever been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the specific intended purpose of diagnosing infection with HIV.

In fact, there is a printed insert that comes in every HIV test kit which contains a disclaimer that the test cannot diagnose actual infection with HIV. Most doctors giving the test and most people taking the test never see these disclaimers.

Please contact Mike and ask him to stop ignoring this issue. has a very large readership and Mike Adams has earned a reputation for tackling the FDA and the medical cabal and related organizations because he claims that he does not profit from the sale of the products that he promotes (though I suspect he receives lots of free products, trips to manufacturing facilities, books, etc., which would add up to quite a bit of compensation).

I have written to Mr. Adams myself on a couple of occasions about the HIV equals AIDS lie and I know that others also have, but he continues to ignore this issue for some reason. But maybe if he gets a lot more requests to report on this issue he will wake up and listen and help bring this issue to light for many more people. He could help save a lot of lives by doing this. He claims to be interested in the TRUE CAUSE OF DISEASE, so let's get him to report on the lie about the true cause of AIDS.

I refer the following information sources to you and to Mr. Adams so that you (and hopefully Mr Adams as well as any other high profile people in the health and wellness industry) will see the overwhelming evidence for the case that HIV equaling AIDS is a huge fraud and scandal.

Contact Mike Adams:
Contact Dr. Mercola:
Contact anyone you know that can help spread the word.

Thank you,
David Collins

"I began this
investigation in May and have since farmed ALL of my other
investigations to other investigators. I intend to remain
engaged in this until the courts and/or legislature has ended
this criminal enterprise.."

"After having investigated
thousands of crimes and arrested hundreds of criminal gang
members and other assorted predators, I know a criminal enterprise
when I see one."

"HIV/AIDS makes Enron look like a neighborhood poker

"I have never written about anything more important.
This story changed my life, and if you have the time and patience
to understand what I have written, it may change yours as

If Americans, our courts, and our legislature permit the continued
corruption of science and medicine by our pharmaceutical industry,
I fear that the 232-year experiment we call “The United
States of America” will have failed."

- Clark Baker

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Anonymous said...

Excellent podcast and information!
I found this posting through AIDSMYHEXPOSED.

I was diagnosed HIV+ in 1996, but any type of exposure leading to such a diagnosis had to happen no later than February of 1993. The doctor I saw after my diagnosis prescribed AZT to me; I refused to take it. Instead, I researched.

I became a formal dissident in 1999 after reading Christine Maggiore's book on the subject, and I gave up the HIV/AIDS paradigm. I just went on living a normal, healthy, though largely sex-free life.

However, in 2007 I developed a lymph situation which was diagnosed by a doctor (who knew nothing of my status) as lymphadenopathy. I have nothing contributing to it other than the mysterious HIV+ status.

It has been difficult watching dissidents die of lymphomas and pneumonias and maintain my firm stance. In my mind, dissidents are becoming just as emphatically bull-headed as Big Pharma, insisting on the non-existence of problems when facts prove otherwise.

SOMETHING is happening to certain people who test HIV+. Many of them seem to come down with related health issues - WHY IS THAT? Ignoring it altogether, or making up excuses for the problems ("oh, he must be doing drugs in secret...") is to stifle any possible truths that would uncover the solution.

ALL information is relevant here. And the truth is that HIV alone - if it truly exists at all - is probably not causing the problem, but a co-factor might be causing the immune devastation in certain people. An HIV+ test result is telling us SOMETHING ... we just seem to be differing on what it means.