Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gary Null's response to Clark Baker and Gallo's Egg

Well, it appears that Gary Null's opinion is that although Clark Baker is good to have as another voice, that he is basically a newbie who has a long way to go...

I sent Mr. Null two messages. One, suggesting he might post Mr. Baker's article on his website and two, suggesting he might have Mr. Baker on his radio show. The response I received is copied below. See my thoughts about his response below that...


Gary Null wrote:

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> I think you have it in reverse. He should take a look at the documentary Aids Inc. , read the book Aids A Second Opinion and read some of the two thousands interviews and quotes from the leading scientists and dissidents on Aids,. He is just beginning a long journey where we have already been. It is always good to add another passionate voice to the movement.

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> Subject: Gallo's Egg - Clark Baker on Robert Scott Bell Show
>> Please also consider having Clark Baker on your Radio Show!
>> Podcast Available - Gallo's Egg - Clark Baker on Robert Scott Bell Show
>> http://robertscottbell.blogspot.com/
>> You can listen to the podcast of the interview here
>> http://www.switchpod.com/f80174.html?puser=none
>> and an off air interview after the show here
>> http://www.switchpod.com/f80163.html?puser=none
>> Thank You,
>> David Collins
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I got the feeling that Mr. Null was being condescending in his response and coming from his "ego". It seems that to Gary Null it is more about Gary Null than the message. Because, of course, he recommended that Mr. Baker watch HIS video and read HIS book to be fully informed... He did not suggest the work of anyone else other than the ambiguous "two thousands interviews and quotes from the leading scientists and dissidents".

I'm not sure what makes Mr. Null so sure that Mr. Clark has not done this research. He just seems to assume. I suppose it's because of the amount of time Mr. Clark as spent on this. Apparently there is a certain amount of time and a certain amount of specific information you must have before you are "qualified" to speak up on this issue or even begin to ask questions. I haven't read those guidelines myself... Can someone direct me to the rulebook?

I realize the benefit of having as much solid information as possible before venturing into scientific debate, but one could also spend an entire lifetime researching all there is to know about a subject and never contribute a thing... Everyone has to start somewhere. Frankly, with the reputation and resources that Mr. Baker appears to have, I'm glad that he is not waiting until some distant time in the future to begin speaking out.

I certainly don't mean to slight the good work that Mr. Null has done by asking him to help promote Mr. Baker. But, I think that Mr. Baker's approach and the position from which he is approaching it is rather unique. I could be wrong because, even though I've had to deal with the HIV/AIDS world for 15 years, I'm still a newbie to a lot of the dissident and the technical information.

I think, maybe, according to Mr. Gary Null, I am not even qualified to speak up about this.

Basically, I was disappointed in Mr. Null's uninspiring, unmotivating response. Especially when compared to the response of Robert Scott Bell. I have a very difficult time tolerating elitism.

- David

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S O U L L E S S A U T O M A T O N S said...

Yep. Gary is the hidden master of promotion. So masterful it's always there in front of the message he is proporting.
It's rediculous at this point.
He's running out of stories. His associations at PRN
are suspect (Michel Kiacko - he's a futurist not a natural scientist)
He will always fall back on a quick answer with Watch the Video or Read the book. I find his Videos not conclusive and leave gaps. They are usually a series of his constant - talking heads talking what they talk. Some material is definitily inspired and newly shared but
there is always the sale first. The response you got sounds like a robot.