Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Put Suzy Cohen's "Dear Pharmacist" health column back in the paper...

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Suzy Cohen, R.Ph.
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I Need a Scout of Angels
Want to help me with a random act of kindness?

Hello Friends--

One of my newspapers, The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel has printed my syndicated column for 10 years and suddenly (despite it's popularity) wants to drop it for "budget concerns." I realize the economy is bad now, so I want you to know that I offered to let them print me for FREE. I like my editor (Gretchen) and all my readers who count on me and write to me. I like the large market because it gets my name out there. But most of all, I think it's important that a holistic pharmacist maintain her natural "voice" otherwise, you will get another columnist who will PUSH the next 'best' drug on you, week after week....or surgery and radiation. Perhaps my honesty and alternative options has annoyed the powers-that-be...and now they want me 'quiet.' Will you help me?

The paper said that if enough "backlash" occurred, my column would be reinstated. Again, this isn't about money for me...I will give them my column for free, just like I send it to you each week....but I don't want my section taken over by a conventional, drug-promoting columnist. If Miami/Ft. Lauderdale can get away with it, other papers will cut me too. Then your newspapers will look and sound like TV...one commercial after another. Does this worry you? Or is it just me?! Many of you know, I am in a precarious position being the "most trusted pharmacist" in America and also against many newer useless drugs. So if you live in Florida, or have a loved one in South Florida, or just want to be part of my 'Scout of Angels' and help me...and tell them to Put Suzy Cohen's "Dear Pharmacist" health column back in the paper...

Editor Gretchen Day-Bryant at gbryant@sun-sentinel.com
Publisher Howard Greenberg: hgreenberg@sun-sentinel.com

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