Thursday, January 29, 2009

More thoughts on Mike Adams of and Jason Cairns of

OK, has it been verified that Jason willfully posted articles from intending to take credit for himself?  Or has it been ascertained that he made a mistake for which has shown to be more than willing to fix?

Or do NaturalNews readers accept anything Mike Adams says without question?  Even though he supposedly "educates" people to do the opposite?

All you people throwing stones at Jason: Would you please share the evidence from your professional investigation with us?  I really do not support thieves or unscrupulous people as a rule.  This why I'm so angry with Mike Adams, because as a role model his behavior has been atrocious.  He seems to have based this whole accusation on circumstance and guessing... Is this how he researches his articles too?  What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Has Mike abandoned the US Constitution too?

Would you want to be crucified and your life threatened on circumstantial evidence?  Mike could have handled this quietly.  Instead he decided to publicly call for a cyber stoning of Jason and put Jason's life at risk.  WTF?

I'm not "working" for Jason.  I've been a reader and fan of NaturalNews for a few years now.  I'm basing my reaction on Mr Adams not Jason.  Even if Jason did everything that Mike claims he did, Mike still handled it all wrong.  I've seen it over and over.  People start out with good intentions, then they get popular, then they get a massive ego, then they lose the vision and then they don't care who they hurt.  A couple of examples are Oprah Winfrey and Gary Null.

It seems that Jason has been working to create a successful website.  Do you really think Jason thought he could become successful and huge and no one notice that he's stealing from  I don't get the impression that Jason is stupid.  It's obvious that Mike jealously scours the internet to see where his work shows up.  Jason could not have gotten far without someone putting two and two together and figuring out that he was a fraud.  Again, I don't get that Jason is stupid.

I've been increasingly dissatisfied with NaturalNews over the last few months because it looks more and more like Mike is selling out.  I was drawn to Mike because of his bravery of speaking up to the "big guys" in defense of the "little guys" and now we have to defend the little guys against Mike because he's become one of the big guys.  Is it simply inevitable?

I, too, have tried over and over for months to Mr Adams to contact me about the HIV/AIDS fraud (but he avoids this issue - though it affects everyone on the planet - while talking about other issues over and over and over)... So I find it strange that Mike acts like all you have to do is pick up the phone and call him.

The fact that Mike avoids the AIDS issue and supports Scientology and has now attacked Jason deepens my suspicion that Mike is extremely homophobic, which doesn't sit well with me either.  I do not like to support people who would wish me dead because of my private life that's no one's business and hurts no one.

And I find it very embarrassing that Mike Adams is trying to come off as a black rapper with his "Beyond All Reason" "album".  Personally, I don't wish rap to be promoted, but hope that it goes away someday.  Surely there is another way... But, I think Mike wants to continue raising his "star status"...  Ego.

My emotional response is based on being betrayed once again by someone I looked up to, respected and tried to somewhat model myself after (is that plagiarism too?).  This is my own fault.  I admit it.

But, as a amateur natural health advocate and webmaster and student of Naturopathy, I have learned a lot from this episode and I give Mike Adams all the credit.  He is helping me fill in the chapter "What not to do".

From the ashes rise the Phoenix.

Check out: for someone who's not afraid to tackle ALL the issues... Mike Adams is now a regular on weekly radio show too.


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Anonymous said...

you are echoing my own thoughts about Mike Adams.