Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mike Adams of shows true colors?

Well, it appears that Mike Adams fat ego is finally doing him in..... I'll have more to say about this soon.


Goliath Attacks David: Response to Mike Adams ‘Hit Piece’ Targeting Me and My Blog

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 | by Jason Cairns

(OrganicJar) Well, I didn’t expect to wake up today and see that I’m being vilified by someone that up to today I had a lot of respect for. As some of you may already know, Mike Adams published an “attack post” on his blog calling me a “liar, con-man, etc.”…basically stating that I ‘pirate’ content from his blog.

I don’t even know where to start. You state that “almost all” my content was written by you, but this is not true. I skim the headlines of over 50 global news sources everyday. We occasionally write about the same topic because it’s breaking headline news. And when I do use information from your articles I list you as a resource. I will say I did forget to list you on the Vit D article, but have quickly fixed this and do apologize. I have always given credit to my sources and the authors.

Throughout your post, you attack me personally, insinuating that I only “claim” to live a natural life. I’m not sure how you can make these assumptions when we’ve never met. I am an extremely dedicated organic raw foodist, who has decided to dedicate my life to helping others get educated on the powers of health and nutrition. I am a real person and not “fictitious” as you state. My desire, my passion and motivation are real.

In my estimation, you did the online health community a complete dis-service today Mike. It’s like “Goliath” tried attacking “David” today. It’s as if you don’t want anyone else reporting on health related news. I barely made $35 last month from OrganicJar, and my expenses were $105 so there’s no need to worry about your profits at, because they are surely insulated from the operation of my blog. It’s never been about the money for me though; I’m passionate about health. My site is like many others out there, simply a collection of information written and sourced that I find important.

When you take a break from using your site as a vehicle to assassinate the character and integrity of competing blogs, go back and re-read your ‘hit piece’; it’s just oozing with class. I recommend you read a book called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Overall, I suggest you stick with the health related posts Mike, they’re much better than the ‘hit pieces’…and if you have a problem or a question, why don’t you personally call me; pick up your phone and call me…instead of trying to persuade the readers of your blog to do so themselves. I am amazed that I’ve received emails from people wishing that I die in response to your ‘attack post’. I guess you can call it a success then Mike.

I’m not perfect and I always try and do my best. Mike, you’ve never met me and I have made repeated attempts to contact you, but have had no luck. To pass judgment and make these assumptions is wrong. We live in a crazy world, it’s to bad we can’t all work together. I’d gladly give you a call as I’d like to resolve this issue so we can all get back to helping others get truthful health information.

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Jason Cairns is an organic raw foodist with a passion for teaching people how to transform their life through health and nutrition. He holds degrees in biology and chemistry with plans on a masters in nutrition. "I am deeply dedicated to the mission of educating others on transforming their life through health and nutrition. I truly want to live in a world where people are healthier, and more environmentally conscious."

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  1. There is no way that his ‘attack post’ was merely just about you forgetting to mention him as a source; if so, than he could have easily called you or contacted you through email and corrected the problem quickly like professionals do. No, his post was engineered more to completely dis-credit and smear you in the eyes of the online community as your blog and its’ cool design, function and attempts at integrating social media are far superior to anything that his blog is involved with. Grow up Mike! As we often say in the infantry “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

  2. Wow, interesting happenings today. There was definitely no class in Mike’s post, more people should spread health news, not less. Good luck to both of you though I hope everything works out.

  3. Mike, did you even try calling or emailing him? LoL, for you to say this is only about him not listing you as a source on an article…come on, you and most people who can ‘think past their big toe’ realize that this is more about him and his blog becoming your newest competition. And it shouldn’t even be competition you should work together not fight.

  4. I’m kind of glad he attacked you in that he gave you a lot of publicity. I agree your defense. Your site is not a copy, but a supplement to the Natural News site for alternatives to conventional health advice. Thanks!

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