Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mike Adams of endangers fellow natural health advocates' life

Mike Adams, in a fit of overinflated ego, called for a public cyber stoning of a fellow natural health advocate today. It appears that Jason Cairns of inadvertently angered natural health Nazi Mike Adams by incorrectly posting some of Mike's articles without proper attribution. Well, Mike would have none of this and published an article vilifying this man and directing his minions to harass him and threaten him. It worked because Jason is now receiving death threats. Mike Adams demanded an apology after cutting off all routes for Jason to be able to do so... Then to cover his own ass Mike removes the article he published and feigns worry for Jason's well-being and pretends that he did not intend for an all out attack on Jason.

Whatever the full truth, Mike Adams handled the situation like a real ego controlled prick.

Thanks Mike, you're a swell human being there! You've crossed the line and now you are one of "them". A Nazi is a Nazi regardless of the agenda your pushing.

I no longer support or Mike Adams - We are not that desperate.

Mass Pirating of NaturalNews Content Escalates into Threats of Violence - Article Removed

Actually it was Mike Adam's article that started and then escalated the violence. It was not the "Mass pirating" that started the trouble. Mike could have easily contacted Jason directly and handled this, but he decided to behave like an unprofessional, ego-driven maniac (and score up some publicity and web hits in the process).

Goliath Attacks David: Response to Mike Adams ‘Hit Piece’ Targeting Me and My Blog

I don't know Jason Cairns and I was not familiar with his website until Mike Adams introduced it to me, but I can see who is acting more mature and professional here and that tells me a lot. Jason has not removed his article or comments (except for some nasty and pointless ones). Mike has removed them all from his site. has been going down hill over the last few months and though it has provided a good service I don't believe people like Mike Adams should be encouraged because they end up becoming dangerous. If he could do the work without thinking it's all about him, Mike might continue to do well. But, can he subdue the monster of an ego he has created for himself?

Mike Adams does not have a corner on the natural health market and all he does is report on what other people are doing and saying (like anybody else)... He's not creating anything new! There are plenty of natural health advocates out there needing support and Mike may find out he's is expendable and not the god he seems to think he is.

And what about those mature and intelligent readers of Natural News that came forth spewing venom and making death threats? This is the Natural Health Industry? Is this being learned from Mike's example?

The following was recently removed from the contact/feedback page of to show you the level of immaturity and UNprofessionalism that is happening there (I think there is more truth about how Mike Adam's really feels about his readers than there is satire here):

"Please note that much of the article content written on NaturalNews contains satirical comments, jokes and off-the-cuff remarks about all kinds of groups, institutions and individuals. If you feel "offended" by any of these remarks, we ask that you please document the full emotional experience of being offended, and email us a 5,000-word essay on exactly what it was like to allow yourself to feel that offended as you read the words on your monitor. Please also include lab testing results that indicate levels of endocrine chemicals in your brain, as well as a list of any medications you might have been taking at the time of the offense. We also require you to obtain the signature of 100 other individuals who felt similarly offended by the same text, along with their names and social security numbers so we can verify their identity. Please submit all this information to us using the form below, at which point we will alert a team of Harvard psychoanalysts who will fly chartered jets to the NaturalNews headquarters where they will all huddle together and study your documents in order to determine what, exactly, should be done in response to you feeling offended. We spare no expense to take full responsibility for the emotional state of internet users!"

Warning! Under threat of cyber attack do NOT repost or share any of Mike Adams writings... Evidently Mike Adams thinks he is more important than the message.

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