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Weaponized Avian Flu May Be Failing

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  Weaponized Avian Flu May Be a Failure

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In this issue:

  • The Medium IS the Message
  • Weaponized Avian Flu May Not Be Working
  • Avian Flu Kill Rate Statistics Grossly Overstated
  • Wellcome Trust Gives Grant to Study Why Avian Flu Not  Pandemic Yet
  • Pandemic Becomes Familiar, Humanized
  • New Health Freedom Blog Feature Introduced: Vaccine Failure Reference Library
  • Soldiers Refuse Dangerous Smallpox Vaccine
  • Wild Bird Trapping to End in Phillippines Because of Bird Flu Fears
  • BioPiracy: Who Owns Valuable Deadly Viruses?
  • Download Caps: the End of the Internet As We Know It?
  • PrionGate? Courts Back USDA in Prohibiting Private Company From Testing Cows for Mad Cow Disease
  • Clinical Trials Kill 49 Babies in India: Drug Declared "Safe"
  • Mainstream Medicine Accepts Two Natural Remedies

Special Message From Our Trustees
"When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies"

~ U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD
"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave."
~ Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) in Blade Runner


CDC: "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, So Afraid That You Are Paralyzed. Then We Can Control You!"
NSF: "Be Informed, Be Aware, Have Choices. That Way No One Can Control You!"



Before we dive into the various topics of this very important, and data-rich, issue of the Health Freedom eAlert, the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation have a thought that we want to share with you:
Global officialdom (which is often, "official dumb") is banging the same drum at an increasing frenzy all over the world: the FDA/CDC/WHO/HHS/UN/FAO/IMF/WB/US/UK/EU/etc. , all say in ponderous unison that an Avian Flu Pandemic is inevitable: "It is not a matter of if, but of when" they intone.

It's a serenade they are singing for your benefit  -- everywhere, every day.
You hear it over and over and over - oddly, ominously, they began singing this song  long before a single human case or fatality had occurred.  The UK, for example, is planning for
mass graves ( for this totally hypothetical disaster. It is said that the US Government has purchased a large tract of land in upstate New York for the same purpose.

The Natural Solutions Foundation responds with vitally crucial information to that monotonous chorus by telling you what we believe is going on with the Weaponized Avian Flu based on our best Estimate of the Situation.  We also tell you, and pull no punches while we do it, why we believe that the Avian Flu has been weaponized- turned into a tool of intentional mass destruction and population reduction - tell you who stands to benefit and tell you what you need to know about this dire, but entirely man-made, threat.
You have probably picked up on what we are about to say next, too. Somehow or other, we note with interest, bemusement (and amusement, too) that when the Globalists intone that a Pandemic is inevitably on the way really, really soon, their pronouncements are greeted with awe and respect - and the population gets more ready every day to be cowed into vaccination or strong armed into concentration camps for "quarantine" if they don't want the untested, now-FDA-approved, shot "against" the supposedly not-yet-pandemic Avian Flu.  (You cannot make a vaccine against something that does not exist yet - we know that but the Powers That Be, PTB, seem to have forgotten that basic virological fact in their rush to get something into our bodies, especially now that they are protected against liability claims for what they might do to us, one and all.)
By the way, as an aside, given all the reports of success for vaccines in mice (all for a disease which does not yet exist, of course), I found this rather interesting quote:
"The good news appears to be, if you are a mouse and we have a pandemic, there are a lot of treatment options open to you.
If you are a human . . . well, you'd still better hope that a pandemic holds off for a few more years.   
Promising or not, most of the experimental treatments and vaccines we are reading about today won't be ready for prime-time (read: human use) for several years at least.  And some may never translate into a practical treatment for humans
The Natural Solutions Foundation, accepting the premise that a pandemic is on the way with the when, not the what, unkown, gives you more information than you get in the WMD press, the Weapon of Mass Deception media.  AND we get accused of fear mongering. Hmmm. Could this be a case desperate propaganda, perhaps, to cover the truth?  Read on and pass this Health Freedom eAlert on to others with a reminder that they, too, can sign up for this free and secure service of the Natural Solutions Foundation here ( to learn more about what's really going on.
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Read on.  There's a lot happening in Health Freedom.
Yours in health and freedom,
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (U.S. Army, Ret.)
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Ralph Fucetola, JD




Although some call Avian Flu "SARS with Wings", Bird Flu's apparent fizzle leaves the globalists' scientists looking for ways to put the sizzle back into the "Pandemic steak" they want to serve up for your dinner!  IF there is no Avian Flu pandemic, one reason might be that once the secret is made public, the PTB backs off.  Another reason might be that, despite the belief of those who follow "Scientism" as blindly as the fanatics of any other cult, the strength of the great god "Technology" might be a lot weaker than advertised.  SARS failed as a global (or racially specific) pandemic.  It would appear from the grant some UK scientists have received that Weaponized Avian Flu may be as difficult to get working "properly" as its wingless sister-in-plague, SARS.  Click here ( to read more.

Lies, Damn Lies and Pandemic Statistics

We all "know" that the kill rate for Avian Flu's human victims is over 60% and that the kill rate for the 1918 Pandemic flu was "only" 2%.  That implies that the Avian Flu is at least 30 times deadlier than the great pandemic which devastated the globe.  In fact, that's merely more media hype without any basis in fact designed to scare you and stampede you into rolling up your sleeves when the pandemic drums are beating their loudest and marshal law, mandated vaccination and forced quarantine are just around the corner.
The reality, totally ignored by the media, is that vaccinating people against the pandemic flu in 1918 actually increased their chances of dying from the flu by a huge margin.  While the kill rate for vaccinated people was 30%, the kill rate for non-vaccinated people was nearly zero. Because so many people were vaccinated, the overall kill rate averaged out to 2%.

                But wait!  There's more!
Consider: during the 1918 flu epidemic, even before an intentionally created illness ravaged the planet, flu vaccination was deployed widely. 
This plague was caused by a hugely successful biological weapon developed under President Teddy Roosevelt and had the peculiar ability to cause death preferentially in the young and healthy, a highly improbable characteristic among natural pathogens (disease causing organisms).

People exposed to, and infected with, the virus who did not develop symptoms were not counted in the statistics when kill rates were quoted since there was no easy way to measure antibodies at the time.  Therefore, only clinically ill people were included in the counts. That means that we actually have no idea how many people were infected but remained healthy.  This lack of information makes the 1918 Pandemic Flu "kill rate"  totally meaningless. 

For example, if 2 people out of 100 infected people died, the kill rate would, indeed, be 2%. But if another 1000 got the virus, developed antibodies, fought the disease off successfully, developing no symptoms, (and therefore did not die), then the kill rate would be only 2 people out of 1100 or .0018%!
We have no meaningful statistics concerning the current victims of South East Asia about how many of their friends, neighbors and relatives contracted the Avian Flu disease but did not come down with disease (that is, were asymptomatic).  The more of them who did have an asymptomatic infection, though, the lower the kill rate of the "deadly" Avian Flu.

Today, antibody testing is quick, safe and painless.  Is there any reason not to have that information?  WHO announced it would be looking into the matter in March, 2005 but that "results were not yet available".  Are they available now?  Why isn't the media tooting this horn, instead of simply banging the "prepare to die - only we can save you" drum?

CIDRAP, The University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy noted at that time:

"The two new [asymptomatic] cases are not the first sign that people can contract the H5N1 virus without getting ill or seriously ill. Mild and asymptomatic cases were seen when the virus first jumped to humans in Hong Kong in 1997, Dick Thompson, infectious disease spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, told CIDRAP News via e-mail today. (Six of 18 people infected in that outbreak died.) [Note: this is a 33.3 % kill rate - REL]

In addition, a Japanese man was found to have been infected while working at a farm where a poultry outbreak of H5N1 avian flu occurred in February 2003, though he never got sick, according to news reports in December 2004. [This is a 0.0% kill rate - REL]

The confirmation of asymptomatic cases implies that infections may be more common than previously thought and that the case-fatality rate may be lower. [Emphasis added -REL]The fatality rate for officially confirmed cases has hovered in the 70% range.

Thompson commented, "The CFR [case-fatality rate] had to be overstated. The cases we were sure of were those which were sick enough to go to a hospital and these extreme cases have very poor outcomes. Surely others were infected and either not getting sick or not getting sick enough to seek treatment at a hospital. Factoring those into the CFR has been impossible. We simply don't know the denominator." [Emphasis added -REL]

The media unrelentingly sings the funeral march for hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people.  But the scientific fact remains that asymptomatic Avian Flu cases have been known for several years.

It is more than a little interesting to note that in the US Government's latest Pandemic Flu Update V, March 20, 2008, the word "asymptomatic" does not appear.  It is also interesting to note that the section called "Medical Counter Measures" begins with a chart showing a US preparedness time line.  The first entry, dated March 2006 reads, "FDA approves Relenza for the prevention of Influenza A and B in children and adults".

Pardon me for being a bit slow here, but what does the commercialization of a so-called "seasonal flu vaccine" have to do with the Avian Flu scare?  Nothing much unless you are building a house of scientific and economic cards to sell vaccines and whump up an excuse to impose marshal law, with all that entails.

Read what Tara C. Smith of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases had to say about a November, 2005 paper studying swine flu infection in farmers and meat packers:

"To boil it down a bit, farmers were about 35 times more likely than the control group to react positively to the swine H1N1 virus used--indicating they'd been previously exposed. Similarly for the swine H1N2 virus--13 times more likely. It appears there is a good deal of zoonotic [animal to human] transmission occurring in this population--it's just not manifesting with serious clinical symptoms, so we're missing much of it.

This has implications for what's going on in Asia with H5N1 as well. How many sub-clinical or mild infections are there with that virus? We don't know yet [Emphasis added -REL]--we need good surveillance and seroprevalence studies to address that question. Do these milder infections allow the virus more time to adapt to humans, so that human-to-human spread will become more efficient [and the disease may well be less severe or asymptomatic - REL]? We don't know. It's largely a black box at this point. It also is something that's largely been ignored at the response level...." [Emphasis added -REL]

The fact remains, however, that even in the face of a previously healthy immune system, the vaccination so degraded the body's ability to deal with the infection that the greatest single risk factor for dying of the 1918 Pandemic Flu was not under nutrition, poor health (healthy young people died more often than others) or poor hygiene.  The single greatest risk factor for death was being vaccinated.

According to Eleanora McBean, PhD, N.D., in The Swine Flu Expose, the kill rate for vaccinated people was 30% while the overall kill rate was 2% and in unvaccinated people, death from the virus was virtually unknown.  Immunizations weaken the immune system, sometimes catastrophically.  The 30% kill rate assumes that everyone who was infected showed symptoms of the disease.  That is not how flu infections work, however.  Many people fight the virus off so successfully that they develop antibodies, but never show signs of disease at all.  So the infection rate would be much greater while the kill rate would be a much lower percentage of the whole IF the rate of antibody production had been measured.  

Back in 1918, there was no practical way to measure antibodies although they had been discovered 21 years before.  So only people with symptoms were thought to have the disease.

What is the real kill rate of the current H5N1 Avian Flu when people are infected? Today we have excellent antibody detection methods but the information cupboard is pretty bare on this score.

There is no point beating a dead chicken here, but the point is a very important one. No one really knows what the incidence of asymptomatic infection in humans is.  The higher it is, the lower the "kill rate" and the lower the justification to use scary statistics to justify marshal law. Since chickens and other poultry are being widely reported to be developing asymptomatic H5N1 infections, and since H5N1 started out as a non pathogenic virus for birds and people in the first place, it may be reverting to that status!  

The risk, however,  of marshal law and dangerous vaccination appears to be very high; far higher, we believe, than any risk of death from the H5N1 flu virus, weaponized or not.

Based on the "informal" Sanofi Pasteur tests of their vaccine on Polish vagrants, which have resulted in homicide charges against the participating doctors and nurses, we should be asking, "What is the kill rate of the various vaccines which the US is paying billions of dollars to develop and stockpile? And what can we expect the kill rates in involuntary quarantine centers to be like?"

To repeat, "When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies"
- U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD 

A Temporary Reprieve? The Failure of Weaponization?
Is Wellcome Trust At the Ready to Make Sure Weaponized Avian Flu Does the Job It Was Intended For?

The human species is quite resilient. So long as we have functioning, nourished immune systems, we have evolved to survive attacks from viruses and bacteria. It is not so easy to take one of those pathogens that have evolved with us, such as the ordinarily quite harmless H5N1 avian flu, and turn them into virulent killers.
It may be that those who seek to turn such pathogens into weapons have a much more difficult task than they imagined.  SARS was a huge bust, global-pandemic-wise.

It would appear that the potential for a man-made influenza pandemic may be delayed, at least for the moment, by the inability of the very "best" scientists of the governments' very darkest of projects to effectively weaponize the Avian Flu, despite their "best" efforts.
If the pandemic is delayed, thought, because we got the news out and created an information push-back, we need to do much more of same! The Natural Solutions Foundation, through your efforts and ours, is certainly helping that awareness grow.  Take a look at our recent press release ( about the [good] viral spread of our information on the Weaponization of Avian Flu all over the Internet.  
But it may be that the delay is also due to technical difficulties. Yes, it is possible that recent Weaponization efforts have not fully succeeded. Consider the implications of this headline:

Scientists examine bird flu infections to monitor for 'pandemic' mutations

"Scientists funded by the Wellcome Trust are to examine what is preventing the H5N1 avian influenza virus from causing a human pandemic and what mutations are required to realize its deadly potential. [Emphasis added -REL]The research could hold the key to early identification of a potential influenza pandemic..."
Read more here ( about the people who stand to gain everything from your fear and compliance once you are directed to get an Avian Flu vaccine shot and their frustration that things are not going quite as planned.  And pass it on.  Send everyone on your list to so they can sign up for their own free subscription to the Health Freedom eAlert (

"Push Back" Works Both Ways

"Psy Ops", or psychological operations, are as old as Lysistrata, the aristocratic Greek lady who got the rest of the aristocratic Greek ladies to withhold sex from their husbands until they ended their current stupid, deadly war.  Probably older, in fact.  The warrior's wild cry, fierce mask or helmet and the tales of atrocity and ferocity circulated among the enemy to strike fear into their heats are universal tools used to inspire quaking fear and subsequent victories.  The Psy Ops being used against us, of course, have grown in complexity as our technology and society has grown in complexity.  
We are, (at least according to the Globalizers and those who want us to be give up ultimate control not only of our thoughts, but of our bodies as well), supposed to get used to the idea that there WILL be a Pandemic Flu for which it is perfectly reasonable to give up our rights and follow their directions without argument or demur.

Here are some rather troubling examples of how the idea of a pandemic, long predicted before there was a single human case of illness or death from this then-mythical disease, is becoming part of the accepted norm of society.  After all, people tend to laugh when something makes them anxious and then, once that anxiety is resolved, they accept what was initially frightening, minimized by being made "funny" and then adopted as a natural, expectable part of the way things just are.  We are apparently deep in that process.  
How much, or how many, of  these (to us) ominous cultural manifestations of "normalized" Pandemic Avian Flu are stimulated by covert Psy Ops funding we have no way of knowing. It certainly would not surprise us, however, if many/most of them were.
Comic books feature pandemic themes:
Horror movies have taken up the idea:
Satirical commentary sites pretend to cover the story:
Humorists create visual jokes about the problem:
And, of course, in a totally different category of certainly, since we know for sure that this homey little "softener" to "humanize" the most successful bio-weapon pandemic of all times, the 1918 Pandemic Flu, is the CDC's appalling  Pandemic Flu Storybook, , a government-sponsored contribution to our developing "comfort" with pandemic times.
Not surprisingly,  CDC's Director Dr. Julie Gerberding, is playing this one both ways.  Let's humanize it, but as she was quoted in a press release on the 90th anniversary of the official outbreak of the mis-named "Spanish Flu", let's make people even more apprehensive: "Complacency is enemy number one when it comes to preparing for another influenza pandemic…. These stories, told so eloquently by survivors, family members, and friends from past pandemics, serve as a sobering reminder of the devastating impact that influenza can have and reading them is a must for anyone involved in public health preparedness."  [And perhaps making you so compliant that you will do what you are told because you don't want to suffer and die the way they did? REL]
On a personal note, I find the idea of laughing at and "humanizing" an intentionally instigated global tragedy quite beyond my ken although people who know me will tell you that I have a pretty active, somewhat off-the-wall, sense of humor.  This is not funny and should not be made "homey" by a government up to its eyeballs in making sure that we are frightened and, if they have their way, powerless to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  

               Vaccine Failure Library:

A NEW Health Freedom Blog Resource

The Natural Solutions Foundation knows that information is the second most powerful resource we have.  Our most powerful resource, of course, is people who act on their knowledge!  Therefore, we are initiating a new Health Freedom Blog section in which we will list all of the documentation we can find on the failure of vaccines, the Vaccine Failure Library.  To access the Health Freedom Blog, go to our website,, and click on the second button down, "Health Freedom Blog" on the left hand side of that page, or do a search in the search bar on the site.

As with all of our information, please use it freely and disseminate it widely.  That's what it's there for. But, as with all our information, please make sure that you give full attribution to the Natural Solutions Foundation, our website and blog links so that other people can find our information easily.  We are indebted to "Vaccine Failures" and the many others who share these resources with us.
This is information that you need when you confront doctors, nurses, school officials, relatives, whomever.  Discussions about vaccination (or lack therefore) strike deep at our cultural beliefs but the facts are the facts. In fact, there is a continuing stream of "official dumb" articles, pronouncements and and press releases telling you that preventable diseases are on the rise and parents who do not vaccinate their kids are at fault.  Of course, this totally ignores the facts: it is vaccinated kids, not unvaccianted ones, that get these diseases most commonly and have ore severe complications when they get them.

We'll be updating this section regularly so if you have data that we can post, articles, journal references, please send them along to us at with "Vaccine Failure Library" as the subject.  

Here are the current links in the new Health Freedom Blog Vaccine Failure Library:
And don't forget our uniquely informative Vaccine Exemption eBook,  Simple exemption forms can be found in many places on the internet.  However, you certainly will need the the exceptional depth of information available in this document, prepared by two lawyers who are experts in vaccine law, to keep yourself and your kids vaccine safe.  Click here ( to order it now.

One Bright Spot in the Avian Flu Swamp:
Philippine Conservation Aided by Fear of Bird Flu, End Wild Bird Trapping

Conservationists, take heart because the destructive practice of trapping birds in the Philippine jungles is being urged to come to an end because of the fear of Bird Flu.  True, there has been no bird flu in the province where this warning has been issued, nor has there been any in the Philippines, but that lack of rational thought is stopping no one dealing in "official dumb" with the crisis they see looming when they react to Bird Flu Panic.  Recall for a moment the absurd statement by a Northern Nigerian official that "Bird Flu is more deadly than AIDS" to get your bearings here and then read more here (  

  "Push Back" Rages:
Soldiers Going Public With the Dangers of Anthrax Vaccine, Yesterday's Dreaded Pandemic


The furor created by a [supposedly] now-confirmed dissemination of anthrax by a scientist who worked in a US Government lab devoted to weaponizing Anthrax [wait, wait - I thought we did not have any of those left because of our treaty on bio weapons - REL] reminds us that vaccination for (against?) anthrax is something our service men and women have been facing since the First Gulf War and of the damage they have suffered because of it (and its deadly adjuvant, squaline).  [Nearly all second generation vaccines contain squaline.]

Gary Matsumoto's "Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers--And Why GI's Are Only The First Victims" (2004) tells that part of the story beautifully.  

Here, tragically, is another part of the story, US Soldiers Refuse Deadly Mandatory Vaccine, This brief video is a "must watch"
To reprise Ron Paul, when the government is making your health decisions for you, you are a slave.  

That's what mandatory vaccination means: compulsory drugging with, like all drugging, potentially disastrous consequences, intended or unintended.

The Next Economic Battleground:        Ownership of Deadly Viruses

Drugging/Vaccination is wildly profitable, especially if you can get governments to make it mandatory.  So ownership of a pathogen for which the druggin/vaccination is mandated is wildly valuable. 
Truth really is much, much stranger than any fiction I have ever read (and my background is in literature studies so I have read a lot of fiction!)
The United Nations and World Health Organizations have weighed in on the hottest economic growth area on the planet: commercializing potential plagues like the Indonesian strain of the H5N1 Avian Flu Virus. 

Yes, ownership of deadly organisms is a real windfall for impoverished countries: they are apparently unwilling to give up their deadly "property" to large nations and international organizations.  They fear, with justification,  that viruses will be commercialized into vaccines or weaponized (which may be the same thing) and either sold to them (vaccines) or given back to them gratis (biological warfare/pandemics).

You may recall that in late 2006, Indonesia, home to many of the supposed victims of the H5N1 virus (I say supposed because I simply have no reason to trust the statements or findings of WHO laboratories and their partner labs around the world (see following item for some of the reasons why), said that they would no longer provide viral samples, including  victims' fluids and tissues, to WHO, US labs and personnel.  They said that these samples were either being turned into vaccines which would generate huge profits (accurate) or weaponized for use against countries like Indonesia (which we believe to also be accurate).
Indonesia's health minister was given the dreaded appellation "kooky" by the obviously overwhelmingly articulate then-head of the CIA and her allegations were dismissed out of hand.  

However, looked at more objectively, and less derisively, this is now called "BioPiracy" and has become the subject of serious consideration by countries, international agencies and Multinational Corporation alike. I note that it is increasingly hard to tell them apart as things progress, and I am sure you have, too.  This weird and frightening trend of commercializing disaster may surprise you, but think, after all, of the commercialization of cancer, previously the most prifitable disease ever encountered by humanity and you may see a pattern. This trend could, if it runs amok (not unlikely, I believe) be a lot worse.  Read more (

And While We Are On The Subject of Vaccines, Let's Talk About Thimerisol

Most of the readers of the Health Freedom eAlerts publication know that Thimerisol is 50% mercury by weight, is deadly and has no place in the human body for any reason.  But not everyone knows that yet. We still have a lot of work to do.  You see, we get emails constantly from people questioning why vaccines might be dangerous since this is only a dawning awareness for them.  Perhaps you get those questions, too.
If so, please pass this eloquent letter,,  on the topic from Mary Tocca, a tireless vaccine researcher.  She is responding in it to those who might be lulled by the industry drivel published recently in the Scientific American defending the use of this deadly substance in humans.  Thanks, Mary, for putting this together so eloquently.

Click here ( to access this elegant letter and pass it along to those whom it will help to inform.  
While you are passing things along, don't forget to pass along our website,, and suggest to your contacts that they sign up for our secure, free and very important Health Freedom eAlerts,

Irradiation is NOT Harmless - Maybe That's Why Codex and Pharma Phriendly FDA and USDA Love It!

In light of a supposed "epidemic" of E. coli poisoning "caused" by fecal contamination of lettuce and spinach, which just happened to be organic (or at least "industrial organic"), the FDA has done it again! Instead of enforcing better food handling procedures or cleaning up the growers' end of the food system, both of which would cost industry money, they have taken the least rational, most consumer-harmful, corporate-friendly road possible: ALL, that's right, ALL greens like salad greens and spinach must be irradiated before you can buy them. 

Is that OK? It certainly is if your intent is to assure decreased nutrition and increased toxicity across the entire country by contaminating and damaging a principle source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

In short, if you are trying to weaponize food, it's great.  If, on the other hand, you are interested in health, nutrition, longevity and a sustainable environment, it is a disaster.  Click here ( to read more and find out how you can protect yourself and your family from weaponized salad.

The End of the Internet As We Know It?
Comcast to Make Monthly Internet Use Cap Official


Information is vital to a healthy republic and a free people.  Thomas Jefferson and other early visionaries of what America should be understood that and wanted a literate, informed population capable of making decisions because they understood them.  In Jefferson's time, they had books, newspapers, broadsides and pamphlets.  We have books, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.  
Can there be freedom without information?  I think not.  And the Internet is the source of information which the MMD, the Media of Mass Deception, is not willing/permitted to bring forward. True, sometimes disinformation is forthcoming on the internet, too.  But it is our responsibility to discern that and move on to facts from fraud. 

I have said again and again that we can find our way to freedom as long as we have an untrammeled Internet.  Is that about to change?  Click here ( to read about a disturbing trend which, if allowed to continue, will literally destroy what we have left of a free country and a free population.  And, when you read it, recall that the Department of Homeland Security is already implementing the provisions of the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act, HR 1955 ( which passed the House of Representatives, but has NOT passed the Senate!
The Associated Press says: "Comcast Corp., the nation's second-largest Internet service provider, Thursday said it would set an official limit on the amount of data subscribers can download and upload each month."  This trend is already well in motion.  Comcast is setting its limit at 250 gigabytes per month without any overage fee stated as of October 1, 2008.  Cox Communications' monthly caps vary from 5 gigabytes to 75 gigabytes depending the subscriber's plan. Time Warner Cable Inc. is testing caps between 5 gigabytes and 40 gigabytes in one market. Frontier Communications Co., a phone company, plans to start charging extra for use of more than 5 gigabytes per month."

Mad Cow Matched in Madness by US Government, Courts:
What Are They Hiding, and Why?

When a company wants to go the extra mile to show that its food is safe and clean, you would think the food agencies of the US Government would be all for the idea, wouldn't you?  Well, you'd be wrong.
As it happens, Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC, a small beef company which wanted to prove that its beef did NOT carry Mad Cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE), to end its $200,000 per day losses in mistrustful foreign markets who do not want to buy BSE-contaminated beef (read "any US Beef") has been barred - again - from doing so by the USDA and now by the courts.  Click here ( to read the full insane story. What is the USDA hiding, not from foreign governments and beef customers, but from you and me about the beef they allow on the market?  Many experts, by the way, think that our pandemic of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is really a pandemic of BSE.  How common is BSE in the US?  Consider: coroners are said to be reluctant to perform autopsies on AD corpses
because of the dangers of contagion!(for example, "The Sonoma County coroner has a policy against conducting such autopsies [Suspected Mad Cow Disease or CJ Syndrome -REL] because of the possibility that a medical examiner will become infected."

Big Pharma's Big Heart:
How Many Babies Does a "Safe" Clinical Trial Cost?


In this case, 49.

"Top Indian hospital says drugs in baby trials 'safe'"
Aug 17, 2008
NEW DELHI (AFP) - A top Indian hospital where 49 babies died in clinical trials that took place at the facility said Tuesday that the drugs used in the tests were "safe," according to a report. Click here ( to read the full, tragic story.


Mainstream Medicine Gets It - Slowly
Zinc for Peds Diarrhea, Silver for Infection - At Last!


And, to end on an up-note, we note that, as often happens, natural treatments derided by the mainstream become, at the end, accepted, once the allopathic world can make them their idea. 

Zinc and silver have been noticed and will be appropriated by the allopathic world if these reports  ( are any indication. 

Of course, the natural medicine community has know that for decades, if not longer.

But at least you now you could talk about zinc for diarrhea with a pediatrician who reads the literature and perhaps, just perhaps, not be rudely dismissed.  

How many antibiotic doses could have been avoided with these two simple treatments?  And how many babies would have been spared pneumonia, epilepsy and death from the dangerous, but FDA approved Rotovirus vaccine if pediatricians were actually thinking clearly?

While it's good news, it is bad news, too, since the allopathic Big Pharma types are actually trying to make natural activated B6 illegal so they can corner the market with their synthetic competitor! Vitamin B6 is a a tremendously important nutrient which comes in two forms. The inactive form, pyridoxine, must be transformed into P5P or pyridoxine-5-phosphate to be biologically active.
Bit Pharma wants to make the active form illegal and turn its synthetic replacement into a drug!  Well, of course they do.

Stay tuned on this one.  We'll be putting out an action item up on our site on this one shortly and we will need your help.

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Rima E. Laibow, MD
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Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
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