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FTC unleashes campaign of terror against natural cancer cures

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Today the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched a campaign of terror against companies selling natural cures for cancer. Using the same tactics as the FDA (fear, intimidation, legal threats, etc.) the FTC is working hard to destroy the businesses of companies offering genuine cancer cures that really work. Companies like, for example, are under attack for daring to link to scientific studies about the anti-cancer benefits of Reishi mushrooms, and anyone using the word "cure" on their website is instantly presumed guilty of criminal acts.


It's all part of the knowledge cleansing campaign being undertaken by the FTC and FDA to destroy knowledge and keep the population nutritionally illiterate. It's being done, of course, to protect the lucrative profits of the cancer indstry and the drug companies who now seem to control the FTC, FDA and even the DEA.


Read my breaking news story on this dangerous development here:


And be sure to share this story with as many people as you can. The entire natural products industry is now threatened by the FTC / FDA mobsters, and if they have their way, ALL natural products companies will be either put out of business or their founders will be arrested and imprisoned. This is a government-sponsored knowledge cleansing of the population, much like a national "mind wipe" effort that hopes to suppress or destroy any memory of the healing power of natural medicine.


Dark days are upon us, folks, and the U.S. government is desperately trying to destroy knowledge and censor the truth about cancer cures. We need your help to protect the truth and spread the word about natural cancer cures that really work. Spread the word by sharing these stories and linking to so we can educate more readers.


Internet Freedom Now Under Assault


Speaking of efforts to destroy knowledge, one of the founders of the Internet is now proposing that websites be labeled with "trust ratings" that would destroy the credibility of any "alternative" information websites that argue against things like chemotherapy or mandatory vaccination of children. This censorship effort is described here:


The bottom line in all this is that the institutions of power are declaring war against the Internet, attempting to silence the truth and imprison those who dare speak it. We are in the midst of a battle of truth vs. deceit, knowledge vs. ignorance and health vs. death. The U.S. government and its corporate cronies want you to be trapped in a culture of death, disease and disinformation, and they're pulling out ALL the stops to make sure that happens.


It is no coincidence that this is all happening during the global financial meltdown that may ultimately lead to the complete dissolution of the U.S. government (and all its rogue agencies). These actions are the last desperate grunts of a tyrannical police state power that senses its days are numbered...



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