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EMERGENCY: FDA, USDA Attack Food, Supplements... Lame Duck, Dead Duck!

Can You Afford Not to Take These Actions?






FDA, both domestically and through Codex, has been trying to make information about the relationship of food and food components to health forbidden speech.  That includes supplements, of course.

As if that were not bad enough, they have come up with another ploy to make it illegal to ship supplements across state lines IF THERE HAVE BEEN ANY PUBLISHED HEALTH STUDIES ABOUT ANY INGREDIENT!  And we have only 5 days to stop them.

This is a diabolical, but brilliant, drug company-inspired double whammy:

Whammy Number 1: Under proposed FDA/Codex rules you cannot tell anyone about what nutrients and supplement can do for them because they are, say the bureaucrats, not "supported" in the scientific literature (despite the science called "Biochemistry" and millions of peer-reviewed journal articles)

Whammy Number 2: You won't be able to get supplements if what they can do for you has ever been documented in the scientific literature, as part of any medical study. 

It's Actually Even Worse Than That

In July, 2007, The FDA Amendments Act of 2007, Public Law 110-85, was adopted by the US. Congress.  With your support, Natural Solutions Foundation Health Freedom advocates fought hard to convinced Senator Harkin (R-IL) to force inclusion of language exempting dietary supplements from the provisions in the law.  That protective language is the law of the United States of America, enacted as section 1011, the DSHEA Product Rule of Construction.

The failed and corrupt FDA, however, in its relentless crusade to eliminate the rights of Americans to learn about or use the most significant economic competitor to pharmaceutical drugs has no respect for the law and no interest in either your freedom or your health.  They are currently promulgating regulations which would make it illegal to ship supplements across state lines.  This would accomplish both definitions of "Nutricide" as I have lectured and written about for years:

Nu tri cide (3 syllables):

1. The death of the body of knowledge about the relationship between health and nutrition

2. The death of large populations through the manipulation of the food [and supplement] supply.


Comments close on November 25, 2008 on a new regulatory sneak attack against supplements.  FDA regulations will, if the FDA succeeds, make the shipment of supplements across state lines illegal - get this - IF THE SUPPLEMENT HAS BEEN THE SUBJECT OF A CLINICAL STUDY.  


If you value

  • Your access to supplements and nutrients
  • Your health
  • Your freedom to determine what goes into your body
  • Your First Amendment Rights

then I urge you in the strongest terms to  click below NOW to help make sure that the FDA, at least this once, obeys the law of the land.

Last time the FDA tried something this awful, through the 2007 "Draft CAM Guidance",  the Natural Solutions Foundation alerted health freedom lovers.  Time was very short then, too but as a result, 588,000+ people came to our site to tell the FDA not to continue with its plan to turn nutrients into "untested drugs" and therefore make them all illegal.  The FDA system "accidentally' crashed so "only" 198,000+ people got their comments in but FDA got the message and backed off. 

We said at that time we counted their backing off as a triumph but that they would be back.  Well, they are back and they are sneakier and meaner than ever.

We have enormous power in the aggregate.  Now it is time to use it. Again.

Click the link below to use our power and back off the forces that are dedicated to taking away your right to use natural health options prevent and deal with illness - or even know what they can do for you - instead of high-profit drugs.

It is imperative that you tell your friends about his and have them take action, too. Forward this email NOW to your entire list with a little note at the top telling them that taking action now is vitally important to their health and to their freedom.

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Emergency Number 2 Coming Right Up, Courtesy of the Lame Duck Administration

Make no mistake - as the days of the Bush Administration draw to a close, Industry shills inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are ramming through regulations (which acquire the force of law once finalized) which weaken protection for human and environmental health to a degree which leaves the observer nearly speechless.

USDA has released a proposed rule gutting any meaningful oversight of GMO (genetically engineered) crops and allowing biotech companies to grow food crops engineered to produce drugs and industrial chemicals without protection for conventional or organic crops.  It is imperative to remember that GMO foods are deemed "substantially equivalent" because of a 1992 Executive Order by then-President George Bush, Sr., NOT because of any scientific or epidemiological studies.  It is imperative, too, to recall that the genetic material from these crops and animals enters the genetic material of humans or animals consuming it and mingles in totally uncontrolled ways with all plants once GMO crops are grown outdoors.  Once mingled, there is no one on the planet who can say with certainty what the short or long term consequences of that mingling will be.  All independently conducted science, however, shows, often to the surprise of the scientist, devastating health and environmental consequences.

Four years ago the FDA promised stricter oversight of GMO plants. None of the oversight promised has occurred and the new rule opens even wider holes in any regulatory restrictions despite the strong desire of US and global consumers to avoid GMO foods through labeling and selection.  The new rule will make that virtually impossible:

  • Biotech companies will assess their OWN crops to determine whether USDA SHOULD regulate them.  Since the criteria are loose, open and subjective, the outcome is assured: no regulation.
  • Biotech companies will be able to grow UNTESTED crops without any USDA oversight whatsoever, making, according to the USDA contamination of conventional and organic crops with untested GMO material "more likely".
  • This contamination does not bother USDA regulators since the new rule allows "Low Level Presence" of GMO material in BOTH conventional "organic" food, feed and seed.
  • Outdoor cultivation of pharmaceutical-producing and industrial material-producing crops is allowed without supervision or restriction.  The cross pollination of other plants, weeds, feed and food crops with this material is assured.  The consequences include drugs and industrial chemicals ending up in our food and animal feed.
  • The rule virtually assures that the DNA to produce these materials will wind up in our own DNA and that of the animals we eat. Both consumer and food industry groups have urged controls on this practice, but the USDA is determined to ignore that input.
  • USDA refuses to propose any controls on GMO plants which require or tolerate high levels of pesticide or herbicide use. Insects and weeds both adapt to the presence of these toxins and become resistant to them. Chemical resistant GMO DNA mixes with the genetic material of weeds and insects: an epidemic of super weeds and pests has already resulted.
  • In a move to vitiate State and local authorities from protecting farmers and consumers from these regulations, a last minute "correction"  bars state or local regulation of GE crops more protective than its own weak rule.

The USDA is following the lead of the FDA by opening new loopholes which make consumer and environmental protection meaningless.  The new rule will be of great benefit to Biotech companies who already have more than free reign to contaminate and then own the entire food stock of the US and beyond.

If you are not content to be exposed to more, and more dangerous, GMO "foods", drugs and industrial chemicals in your "food" then I urge you to click below to tell the USDA in no uncertain terms that this is unacceptable to you and to millions more just like you.

To get that message across right away, I urge you to also send this to your entire email list with a short note asking each person to take the actions here and forward the mails as well.  Nothing short of your health and that of the planet is at stake.

Then click below to urge your members of Congress to support the protective legislation which Rep. Denis Kucinich (D-OH) has introduced which would take the FDA and the USDA in exactly the opposit direction - safety testing, stronger regulation and more oversight by both agencies, plus mandatory labeling.

Click Here or paste the following:

Health and Freedom Options the FDA Wishes You Did Not Know About!

News flash! Neither the USDA nor the FDA are your friends.  They do share a great deal, however: Both care a lot about keeping industry happy and nothing at all about keeping you healthy.

FDA wants you to eat what industry wants you to ingest into your body and then take drugs, lots and lots of them.  FDA prohibits the labeling of genetically modified foods (which the Austrian Government has just shown decrease reproductive capacity!) It wants you to eat Codex-approved levels of hormones (no upper limits), pesticides and other dangerous chemicals (many with no upper limits) as well as free radicals from irradiation. When you get sick, either from the drugs or the routinely contaminated foods they allow, then you make the drug side of the house very, very happy!

USDA wants you to eat whatever industry wants you to eat and put dangerous chemicals, untested DNA and hormones into your body.  Whether you get sick or not is of literally no concern to them.

Americans are over medicated and under 'healthed' according to study after study.  Click below to read the two latest studies which, like the many others published around the world, show that the US has the poorest health, and gets the worst health service, in the developed world - often worse than many countries in the developing world.

Then ask yourself whether that is related to the fact that the number of filled drug prescriptions has gone up 72% in 10 years and vaccinations have gone up by an astonishing - and wildly profitable - 12800 percent during the same period.

The number of childhood vaccinations in that time has gone from 11 recommended doses to 78 for girls (75 for boys unless they, too, are vaccinated "against" HPV to "protect" a cervix they do not have) in that time.  Starting at age 18, if people follow the recommendations and receive an annual flu sho (and we sincerely hope that they will not), that will add another 63 shots if you live to the expected age of 81 for a woman or 60 if you are a man and die at 78 as predicted.  That's right: a lifetime average of 141 shots for women and 135 for men IF you do not accept any other vaccinations.

FDA Does Not Want You to Know How
To Control Your Health

Take Silver, For Example.  Please do!

FDA does not want you to have Nano Silver in your medicine chest.  It is a nutrient traditionally effective against every pathogenic (disease causing organism) against which it has ever been tested and has no known side effects. It eliminates the need for most antibiotics and would, singlehandedly, reverse the cataclysmic problem of drug resistant bacteria and other disease agents which are a huge and looming threat to all of us.  Instead of embracing a solution which has an enormous margin of safety, is hugely inexpensive compared to drugs and can be used without a prescription, the FDA has attacked silver products for decades.  They do not want you to know that published studies show that it is effective against the H5N1 Virus  (among all the others it kills).  Click below to lay in a supply before the drug-cartel, through its government arm, succeeds in getting it off the market. - > Products tab >

While there are many silvers on the market, only nano silver has been shown friendly to the beneficial bacteria in your body, an essential part of your immune system.  And your purchase supports the Natural Solutions Foundation!

Speaking of support, times are tough but we need to keep going forward together, as this email makes clear. The other side is not out of money! They are continuing their disastrous disregard of our well-being in order to take care of their own bottom line.  Both the USDA and the FDA are totally controlled by industry interests.  Big Pharma sales are down about 13% because of the economic downturn so they are using regulatory powers to try to kill health products.

We rely upon your support. 

Here's how you can give it:

1. Give GMO-free, Chemical-free, Shade-Grown Valley of the Moon(TM) Coffee to evey coffee drinker on your gift list - and get some for yourself. This product is the first output of our Valley of the Moon(TM) Eco Demonstration Project in the beautiful, bountiful Chiriqui Highlands of Panama.  We are teaching farmers how to grow coffee without chemicals so Valley of the Moon(TM) coffee is good for you, good for the workers and good for the planet. That's why it is certified as a "Friendly Food" by the Natural Solutions Foundation.

By the way, we say, "Chemical Free" rather than "Organic" because we believe that the term "organic" should be reserved for products which are certified organic.  We will be applying for that status next year after our coffee crop is in.  No chemicals have been used on this land for at least 5 years. Everything we are using on the land and the coffee crop is totally safe and meets or exceeds organic standards.  We could use the word "organic" but we feel it would be misleading since certification lies in the future but I give you my word that the Valley of the Moon(TM) coffee exceeds organic standards by a wide margin.

You can purchase for yourself or as a gift here:

2. Visit our two online stores, and they are designed to make products and services available to you that we believe in and that we hope you will enjoy.  If you have a product or service that you want to share with our enormous readership, please send an email to Drew at with "Marketplace" in the subject line.  Every purchase supports your well-being and health, the wellness industry (you can see from the first item in this newsletter how serious the attacks on the supplement industry are) and supports the Natural Solutions Foundation at the same time.

3. Donate to the Natural Solutions Foundation.  All US tax payers receive a 100% tax deduction for the amount of your donation.  As the economy turns down, the drug companies will fight harder to kill supplements, sell hormones and drugs.  The Biotech companies will fight harder to sell their dangerous "food" and "feed".

Our Donation Page is at:

The chemical companies will fight harder to convince people to use more of their poisons.  Who is there on your behalf?  Natural Solutions Foundation.  You work without pay, but we have bills to pay.  If every person who reads this donates a minimum of $1 per month, we will have enough money to fight this battle well.  If you can give more, do it now. Click below to do it now while you are thinking about it.  And let your friends and contacts know that this issue is very hot, requiring their participation, too.

For more information about what is going on, please take a look at Natural Solutions trustee Ralph Fucetola JD's recent blog:

We're here for you.  Please make sure that you are, too.  We are a team, after all, Team Health Freedom!

Please forward this email!

Yours in health and freedom, 

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director 
Natural Solutions Foundation 

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