Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Suzy Cohen, the 24-Hour Pharmacist

(NaturalNews) Suzy Cohen, author of The 24-Hour Pharmacist, and a nationally-syndicated columnist for the "Dear Pharmacist" column (www.DearPharmacist.com) has revealed startling details about the dangers of pharmaceuticals in an exclusive interview with the Health Ranger, editor of NaturalNews (www.NaturalNews.com). The interview, already broadcast on the nationally-syndicated Health Ranger Show, has also been posted as an MP3 file (podcast) available at: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html

Author Suzy Cohen is a licensed, practicing pharmacist who teaches consumers how to greatly reduce their risk of harm or death from pharmaceuticals by making better-informed decisions about how to either avoid unnecessary pharmaceuticals, or how to make pharmaceuticals safer if they must be taken. In the interview with the Health Ranger, Suzy reveals disturbing details about the drug industry, including which pharmaceuticals deplete essential nutrients in the human body, dangerous pharmaceutical combinations, and how drug companies manipulate doctors and consumers to increase demand for medications even when they may not be medically justified.

On her website, www.DearPharmacist.com , Suzy offers a free subscription to her advice column which distributes timely information to consumers about how they can make safer and better informed decisions about how to reduce their risk of harm from medications. Rather than being against all medications from the outset, Suzy explains that certain medications have a useful role in medicine, and that when used with caution, many medications offer notable benefits to consumers. However, the rampant prescribing of antidepressants, antibiotics, cholesterol drugs, arthritis drugs, blood pressure medications and other similar drugs has gone too far, Suzy explains, and may not represent an approach to medicine and healing that is in the best interests of patients and consumers.

This interview represents the first time a licensed pharmacist has been featured on NaturalNews.com, and it provides a valuable and intriguing addition to the 24,000 articles, special reports, audio programs and reference pages that already exist on NaturalNews.com, which was recently voted the No. 1 most trusted health website in the world by a public poll.

To listen to the Suzy Cohen interview, download the MP3 file to your Mac, PC, iPod or MP3 player from here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html

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