Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FDA Warning!

Use of FDA Approved Drugs Have Been Proven To Be Dangerous To Your Health!

In April the Journal of American Medicine reported that "properly prescribed" legal drugs killed 106,000 Americans each year, due to toxic reactions. That's more that twenty times the number of Americans killed by illegal drugs, estimated at 5,212.

The 1906 Food and Drug Act, (Which was apparently a collaboration of John D Rockefeller and the Federal Government) somehow made it “law” that soon, all medicine used in medical practice needed to be labeled by its isolated weight. This meant that plant medicines in their whole forms (tinctures, herb powders, etc.) really could not be used any more. They were to be “phased out”. One by one they disappeared from our USP. By the 1940’s they were almost gone and I believe the last one to go was Powdered Digitalis Leaf in the 1960’s but they didn’t stop here!

In the 1920s, the Rockefellers, who controlled Standard Oil of New Jersey, signed an extensive agreement with the German pharmaceutical company I.G. Farben. After this partnership was formed, the Standard Oil Company suddenly developed a great interest in the world-wide pharmaceutical business.

The Rockefellers then began their systematic contributions to the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. Soon, an executive of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil was invited to join the board of managers. And soon, he was made chairman of the newly organized research committee. When World War II came along, Cornelius Rhodes, who was involved in the beginning cancer research at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, became chief of research for the chemical warfare service of the U.S. military - whose function was to conduct studies of the effects of poison gas. But human experiments with nitrogen mustard - a poison gas, were also being carried out on cancer patients under cover of military secrecy.

Nitrogen mustard, a chemical warfare killing agent, and the grandfather of chemotherapy agents, is still used on cancer patients today! They now have the "acceptable" names of Cytoxin, Alkeran, and Leukeran. Nitrogen mustard is meant to kill people, and it frequently does that job very well when given to cancer patients.

Also, The American Cancer Society was founded at the New York Harvard Club in 1913 by none other than John D. Rockefeller Jr. and his friends. From the start, the society was to be a "shaper of public opinion". Its goal was to urge the public to consult their doctors at the very first suspicion of cancer. In 1978 it was found that the American Cancer Society was hoarding millions of dollars while claiming that it couldn't do vital cancer research for lack of funds. This society is not interested in a cure because it would go out of business. Why? An article appeared in Harper's magazine stating - "The American Cancer Society was designated by charter as an emergency organization which must disband the day a cure is found". If the American Cancer Society admitted that a cure was found, they would have to be disbanded, and give up that $400 million a year.

As you can see, there is a dangerous flaw in this system. You have been warned!

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