Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Equinox!


Happy Equinox!
by Acharya S

It is a fascinating "coincidence" that this year "Easter" - purportedly the day of the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ, the "only begotten Son of God" - falls precisely on the last day of the three-day vernal equinox period.

In reality, this development is no "coincidence," because the vernal equinox is the real "reason for the season," and "Christ" is in reality the personification of the SUN of God, revered around the globe for millennia.

The vernal equinox marks the arrival of Spring, when for three days the SUN is "hung on a cross," whereby the days and the nights are the same length. At the end of the three days - during which time the sun is said to be in a "tomb," as it showed no movement - the day begins to become longer than the night, and the sun is said to have been "resurrected." In ancient times, the sun's resurrection at the end of the vernal equinox was accompanied by great celebrations during which it was shouted, "He is risen!"

In early Christian times, both Christ's resurrection and his birthday were placed on March 24th - midnight of the 23rd - for this very reason of the end of the vernal equinox, which begins on the 21st/22nd. Christ's birthday was also set at several other times of the year, most if not all of these dates possessing astrotheological meaning.

For more on the true meaning of "Easter" - a name in itself that comes from the ancient Goddess, also called "Ishtar" and "Astarte," among many other divine epithets - please see my article, "Easter: Pagan or Christian?" There is also a video on the same subject at this page:

Enjoy - and have a Happy Equinox!

Acharya S

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